16 Mar 2018
Image of couple in Detroit won over by direct mail marketing.

Is Direct Mail The Secret Marketing Weapon of 2018?

It’s 2018. Baby Boomers are in their six­ties, Gen­er­a­tion Xers are in their for­ties, and Mil­len­ni­als are in their thir­ties. Now Gen­er­a­tion Z is on the scene and they are a con­sumer force to be reck­oned with. While pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions cer­tain­ly mat­ter when it comes to mar­ket­ing, these young peo­ple, most­ly teenagers at this point, […]

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12 Jun 2017
DIY Digital Marketing vs. Outsourcing Digital Marketing

DIY Digital Marketing vs. Outsourcing Digital Marketing

At some point, every busi­ness own­er wish­es for their busi­ness to grow or expand. Those who are gift­ed with tal­ent and skill are suc­cess­ful. When this hap­pens, it is usu­al­ly because they worked with all the nec­es­sary tools, tech­niques and resources. Mar­ket­ing, whether your busi­ness is online or offline, plays a vital role in bring­ing […]

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03 Apr 2017
Social Media Marketing trends in 2017

2017 Social Media Trends – Key Factors To Drive Your Channels

Every year, we watch social media evolve, chang­ing the way brands mar­ket to con­sumers, how con­sumers inter­act with brands and last­ly, how social media adver­tis­ing affects the opti­miza­tion of post­ing habits. In 2016, we no longer con­sid­ered social media a fad. Instead, we embraced it as the pre­ferred com­mu­nica­tive method in younger gen­er­a­tions. Snapchat gave […]

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28 Mar 2017
HR marketing strategies

Creative Ideas for Recruiting on Social Media

Job-seek­ers find them­selves amidst a sea of com­pe­ti­tion. No mat­ter the posi­tion they’re vying for, an unfath­omable num­ber of fel­low appli­ca­tions are up for the same title. It’s a tough search and an even hard­er win. As high as the pres­sure is for appli­cants, it’s intense for com­pa­nies, too. HR not only needs to find […]

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21 Mar 2017
Allergist marketing strategy

Marketing Tips for Allergists in 2017

‘Tis the sea­son for mar­ket­ing ideas 2017! And you know what? We’re stoked about it. The new year wel­comes new trends, and it’s fas­ci­nat­ing to watch our clients’ small busi­ness­es thrive under the direc­tion of inno­v­a­tive mar­ket­ing endeav­ors. Today we want to focus on mar­ket­ing for an indus­try who is also expe­ri­enc­ing an all-time high: […]

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14 Mar 2017
Social Media tips for Jewerly store owners.

Tips on Promoting Your Jewelry Store on Social Media

Pho­tog­ra­phy is one of the key ele­ments to any of your mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. In an era where read­ers are by nature ‘scan­ners,’ the qual­i­ty and expres­sion of the pho­to become even more impor­tant. Posi­tion­ing, col­or, bright­ness and clar­i­ty all speak to nature of your brand. These qual­i­ties also hold the poten­tial to cap­ti­vate your audi­ence. […]

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07 Mar 2017
Row of multi-colored bikes, black rubber tyres, absorbs, with preaty light.

How Can Sporting Goods Retailers Immerse Their Customers?

Har­ness­ing the atten­tion of the mil­len­ni­al gen­er­a­tion has been a dif­fi­cult objec­tive for many brands over the last half a decade. The mil­len­ni­al atten­tion span is small, mak­ing effec­tive mes­sag­ing espe­cial­ly cru­cial. Mar­keters have only a few sec­onds or a few lines to grab this young mind­set and make con­sumers fate­ful­ly curi­ous in that brand’s […]

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08 Feb 2017
Image of Financial Adviser brainstorming social media ideas.

Social Media Tips for Accountants

Account­ing and social media, two peas in a pod, right? We’re kid­ding, these aren’t two words you com­mon­ly hear togeth­er, but social media can be a suc­cess-alter­ing strat­e­gy for accoun­tants. Dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing is no longer a way to boost sales; it is essen­tial to find­ing clients, mak­ing sales and keep­ing con­sumers as loy­al­ists. If you […]

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01 Feb 2017
Outdoor detail shot with lot of used cars in a row

Redo Your Used Car Dealership Marketing Campaign

It’s easy to get over­whelmed in an indus­try that is inun­dat­ed with knowl­edge­able teams and rep­utable experts. But it’s a new year, and there’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty to refine your car deal­er mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Below are EM360’s top tips for improv­ing your mar­ket­ing in 2017: Email mar­ket with auto response Auto respon­ders include per­son­al­ized mes­sag­ing. Depend­ing […]

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26 Jan 2017
Local SEO

Not Showing in Local Search Results? Here’s How to Change That

In 2017, it is vital that you opti­mize your web­site for loca­tion. As more entre­pre­neurs and small busi­ness own­ers enter indus­tries, mar­ket­places become over­crowd­ed and vying for audi­ence atten­tion becomes a com­pe­ti­tion. It is more impor­tant than ever to pin­point your con­sumer and do every­thing in your mar­ket­ing pow­er to impress and win them over. […]

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