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07 Mar 2017
Row of multi-colored bikes, black rubber tyres, absorbs, with preaty light.

How Can Sporting Goods Retailers Immerse Their Customers?

Har­ness­ing the atten­tion of the mil­len­ni­al gen­er­a­tion has been a dif­fi­cult objec­tive for many brands over the last half a decade. The mil­len­ni­al atten­tion span is small, mak­ing effec­tive mes­sag­ing espe­cial­ly cru­cial. Mar­keters have only a few sec­onds or a few lines to grab this young mind­set and make con­sumers fate­ful­ly curi­ous in that brand’s essence and prod­uct offer­ing.

Cater­ing to the thin atten­tion span is only half the bat­tle; mil­len­ni­als don’t to tell you what they’re look­ing for in goods, ser­vices, or in life, for that mat­ter. Mil­len­ni­als gen­er­a­tions Y and Z expect you to know the ins and outs of their lives, and to cater your busi­ness to these needs. If you don’t, some­body else will.

Ath­let­ic appar­el retail­ers are no stranger to win­ning this generation’s demands. Luck­i­ly, a con­sis­tent, con­tin­u­al­ly increas­ing pas­sions of this gen­er­a­tion are health and fit­ness. Mil­len­ni­als have devel­oped an acute aware­ness for their nutri­tion intake, dai­ly phys­i­cal activ­i­ty and the bal­ance between their work and home lives.

Sport­ing goods mar­ket­ing strate­gies are set up for suc­cess with the built-in inter­ests of mil­len­ni­als in health and well­ness. But how can your retail sports mar­ket­ing effec­tive­ly prompt this group into a pur­chase? Let’s take a look.


Mil­len­ni­als are active and tech-savvy, so make your mes­sag­ing inter­ac­tive. Can you reach your audi­ence while they’re work­ing out? Sup­port their activ­i­ty mon­i­tor­ing by host­ing an app that does all the work for them? By being there in those moments that they take so seri­ous­ly as part of each day, you’ll win brand recog­ni­tion amongst the group, along with their trust and loy­al­ty.


Mil­len­ni­als are pushed so much con­tent through­out the day, they don’t need extra, use­less infor­ma­tion to feast their eyes upon. Pin­point exact­ly how you can be help­ful. How can you help them grow? How can you help them achieve your goals? How can you legit­i­mate­ly make their lives bet­ter? If a mil­len­ni­al under­stands that your prod­uct has a gen­uine use, they’ll lis­ten to you! But you’ve got to bring you’re A-game to your val­ue-add propo­si­tion.


Mil­len­ni­als are on the go. They are active, 18-29 year olds who tend to live in urban areas or with their fam­i­lies. They work all day, but they’re also always dialed into their smart devices. This means they’re scop­ing out your brand while com­mut­ing to work or get­ting to the gym after hours. They are busy, and their atten­tion spans are quick, but they can also digest a ton of infor­ma­tion at once. Since there isn’t just one time to reach a mil­len­ni­al, push mes­sag­ing often and fre­quent­ly. Post sev­er­al times through­out the day so you can reach your audi­ence when­ev­er it is they’re free.

Let’s look at one of the biggest sport­ing goods brands, Under Armour, and their suc­cess in reach­ing this audi­ence. Under Armour did an excep­tion­al job a few years back by open­ing up its cre­ative devel­op­ment to sug­ges­tions from its con­sumer. Con­sumers had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sub­mit their most inno­v­a­tive, out­landish ideas and Under Armour agreed to pro­duce one or sev­er­al if their team found the idea both rev­o­lu­tion­ary and achiev­able. They allowed the con­sumer to be part of mak­ing the impos­si­ble pos­si­ble.

As a small­er brand, you can be suc­cess­ful by mak­ing every exten­sion of your mar­ket­ing part of your brand expe­ri­ence. Invite con­sumers in with your mes­sag­ing and make them a part of your sto­ry while you enhance their lives.

For more infor­ma­tion and help set­ting up your sport­ing goods local busi­ness mar­ket­ing plans, get in touch with our team at EM360.


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