‘Tis the season for marketing ideas 2017! And you know what? We’re stoked about it. The new year welcomes new trends, and it’s fascinating to watch our clients’ small businesses thrive under the direction of innovative marketing endeavors.

Today we want to focus on marketing for an industry who is also experiencing an all-time high: the allergy clinic.

Now, we know that business is booming this time of year, but who’s to guarantee that the allergy-ridden are coming into your clinic and not your competitor’s? Why are they coming in for preventative care during the off-seasons?

Grow your company and keep business consistent throughout the year by stepping up your private practice marketing strategy.

Here are EM360’s top Marketing Tips 2017 for Allergists:

  • Patients with allergies are your top priority. Not only are you here to help ease the pain and inconvenience of allergy season on their senses, but you rely on their business. Make your clinic a safe haven for clients and make sure they know they’re part of your private practice family.
  • Educate your clients whenever possible. Allergies are a struggle in their lives, so any tips or information about the cause of allergies directly benefits their understanding of their health and consequently, their lives.
  • Reward patients when they prove to take an active approach to their health through the year; not just during allergy season.
  • Sell well-being. Easing allergy effects is just one part your patients’ health throughout the year. Offering healing and treatments for general well-being, too.
  • Aim to make campaigns more informative than sales-focused. If you have a new nasal decongestant available at the practice, don’t make the produce the focus of the market. Instead, focus on the elements in the environment that are making patients congested. People with allergies like to understand why they are unlucky enough to suffer every year.
  • Become a voice of authority in the community by hosting web or podcasts on health and well-being (are you seeing a pattern?) Provide insightful, well-produced dialogue on your website and partner with local establishments to host your content on their sites, too. Working as a team will generate a wide audience for all parties involved and provide some marketing budget relief.
  • Pulse your marketing efforts. Although you want to keep brand awareness going throughout the year, you don’t want consumers to become numb to your messaging. Try running a campaign for two weeks, and then taking a week off. This allows prospective patients a break from the advertising campaign and a chance to be reintroduced to reinvigorated by what you have to offer.
  • Focus on local search engine optimization. Local SEO is especially important for allergists because it provides a golden opportunity to win new clients based on geographic location-based searches. Work with your digital marketing team to ensure you rank favorably and accurately in Google and other search engines.

  • Ask for reviews. When you pull up toward the top of a Google search, potential clients are quick to explore your favorability- have other clients rated you well? Provided examples of a good experience? If not, you want to make reviews a focus of your current strategy. Most clients will be happy to write you a review upon request, but you can also incentivize reviews.

Marketing aggressively and consistently is integral to the success of your company, and EM360 is here to help you employ new strategies as effectively as possible. Give our team a shout when you’re ready to hire a professional team of small business marketing experts.

EM360 Digital

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