Job-seekers find themselves amidst a sea of competition. No matter the position they’re vying for, an unfathomable number of fellow applications are up for the same title. It’s a tough search and an even harder win.

As high as the pressure is for applicants, it’s intense for companies, too. HR not only needs to find a way to attract the best of available prospective hires, but they need to outshine competitors seeking these same candidates.

What can your company do to stand out and integrate remarkable potential into your stellar team? Employment agencies marketing strategies range across the board, but one of the smartest ways to get the young, tech-savvy, influential hires you want is through social media recruitment.

Social media for hiring? You might ask yourself. It seems too… untraditional for such a serious aspect of company development. But nearly 90 percent of hiring managers are using the mediums to the staff they want. Here are tips (and stats!) they’re using to harness the power of social recruiting:

Here are tips (and stats!) they’re using to harness the power of social recruiting:

  • Get creative. Use as much humor and wit in your hiring posts as you use in your marketing campaigns! Everybody wants to be won over, even jobless millennials!
  • Host a weekly Q & A session to better engage passive candidates. This weeds out who in the passive group has potential to be a strong, committed hire.
  • Keep the beginning (200 words, maybe) of your LinkedIn profile updated with hiring information.
  • Make hiring interactive. Nothing gets motivation stirring and competition thriving like a little competition. Ask applicants for social presentations of their creative work in the application process. This raises the stakes, ensures only serious applicants are remaining contenders, and spreads the word about your brand.
  • Make the job requirements that you list relevant to the social media site you’re using as your outreach platform. This should be easy since you’re using social media. On Snapchat, highlight your need for hilarious snappers and excellent selfie takers. On Instagram, you might report a need for a meme-goddess. Depending on when you host your hiring efforts, survey the social media landscape to make sure your needed skills are timely.
  • Seventy-five percent of potential hires aren’t actively searching for a new job. Social media creates a direct link from your company to these passive candidates. Scope out skillsets on LinkedIn, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.
  • Use Instagram to show off your work culture. Most candidates want to achieve a work-life balance, and preferably, they’ll take an exciting ride on the work side. Post photos of employees at social gatherings, on work trips or having fun getting in the grind.
  • Use social network analytics and audience insights to best direct your hiring efforts. Make sure that your posts are reaching the right age and experience level of candidates. This might mean shifting your target audience in posts or adding an additional audience who specifically sees job-related messaging.
  • Weave hashtags into your posts about job openings, and make posts relevant to more than that position’s availability. If you can hook a potential hire on an interesting piece of information in the task at hand, you’re more likely to peak their interest with the bait of a job opening.

Try your hand at actively recruiting passive candidates. Social media consistently proves to be a sharp, useful tool, and it’s no stranger to landing awesome employees. To learn more about advertising employment agencies best strategies and implement them into your current HR, get in touch with EM360.

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