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28 Mar 2017
HR marketing strategies

Creative Ideas for Recruiting on Social Media

Job-seek­ers find them­selves amidst a sea of com­pe­ti­tion. No mat­ter the posi­tion they’re vying for, an unfath­omable num­ber of fel­low appli­ca­tions are up for the same title. It’s a tough search and an even hard­er win.

As high as the pres­sure is for appli­cants, it’s intense for com­pa­nies, too. HR not only needs to find a way to attract the best of avail­able prospec­tive hires, but they need to out­shine com­peti­tors seek­ing these same can­di­dates.

What can your com­pa­ny do to stand out and inte­grate remark­able poten­tial into your stel­lar team? Employ­ment agen­cies mar­ket­ing strate­gies range across the board, but one of the smartest ways to get the young, tech-savvy, influ­en­tial hires you want is through social media recruit­ment.

Social media for hir­ing? You might ask your­self. It seems too… untra­di­tion­al for such a seri­ous aspect of com­pa­ny devel­op­ment. But near­ly 90 per­cent of hir­ing man­agers are using the medi­ums to the staff they want. Here are tips (and stats!) they’re using to har­ness the pow­er of social recruit­ing:

Here are tips (and stats!) they’re using to harness the power of social recruiting:

  • Get cre­ative. Use as much humor and wit in your hir­ing posts as you use in your mar­ket­ing cam­paigns! Every­body wants to be won over, even job­less mil­len­ni­als!
  • Host a week­ly Q & A ses­sion to bet­ter engage pas­sive can­di­dates. This weeds out who in the pas­sive group has poten­tial to be a strong, com­mit­ted hire.
  • Keep the begin­ning (200 words, maybe) of your LinkedIn pro­file updat­ed with hir­ing infor­ma­tion.
  • Make hir­ing inter­ac­tive. Noth­ing gets moti­va­tion stir­ring and com­pe­ti­tion thriv­ing like a lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion. Ask appli­cants for social pre­sen­ta­tions of their cre­ative work in the appli­ca­tion process. This rais­es the stakes, ensures only seri­ous appli­cants are remain­ing con­tenders, and spreads the word about your brand.
  • Make the job require­ments that you list rel­e­vant to the social media site you’re using as your out­reach plat­form. This should be easy since you’re using social media. On Snapchat, high­light your need for hilar­i­ous snap­pers and excel­lent self­ie tak­ers. On Insta­gram, you might report a need for a meme-god­dess. Depend­ing on when you host your hir­ing efforts, sur­vey the social media land­scape to make sure your need­ed skills are time­ly.
  • Sev­en­ty-five per­cent of poten­tial hires aren’t active­ly search­ing for a new job. Social media cre­ates a direct link from your com­pa­ny to these pas­sive can­di­dates. Scope out skillsets on LinkedIn, and you’ll be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised at what you find.
  • Use Insta­gram to show off your work cul­ture. Most can­di­dates want to achieve a work-life bal­ance, and prefer­ably, they’ll take an excit­ing ride on the work side. Post pho­tos of employ­ees at social gath­er­ings, on work trips or hav­ing fun get­ting in the grind.
  • Use social net­work ana­lyt­ics and audi­ence insights to best direct your hir­ing efforts. Make sure that your posts are reach­ing the right age and expe­ri­ence lev­el of can­di­dates. This might mean shift­ing your tar­get audi­ence in posts or adding an addi­tion­al audi­ence who specif­i­cal­ly sees job-relat­ed mes­sag­ing.
  • Weave hash­tags into your posts about job open­ings, and make posts rel­e­vant to more than that position’s avail­abil­i­ty. If you can hook a poten­tial hire on an inter­est­ing piece of infor­ma­tion in the task at hand, you’re more like­ly to peak their inter­est with the bait of a job open­ing.

Try your hand at active­ly recruit­ing pas­sive can­di­dates. Social media con­sis­tent­ly proves to be a sharp, use­ful tool, and it’s no stranger to land­ing awe­some employ­ees. To learn more about adver­tis­ing employ­ment agen­cies best strate­gies and imple­ment them into your cur­rent HR, get in touch with EM360.


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