Photography is one of the key elements to any of your marketing campaigns. In an era where readers are by nature ‘scanners,’ the quality and expression of the photo become even more important. Positioning, color, brightness and clarity all speak to nature of your brand. These qualities also hold the potential to captivate your audience. To make them stop on a magazine page, to slow their scrolling on Pinterest, to click through to your brand and find out more about what you offer.

In the jewelry business, photography is especially important. Accessories are sold for how they look. Without being physically present to try on the parcel, admiring the jewelry’s beauty and imagining how a piece will look are the best ways a consumer can decide whether or not they wants to make a purchase.

Imagery in social media jewelry can create the scene around which your jewelry should be worn. Light and bright photos will convey everyday use, isolated images can spark the note of luxury and specialty occasion.

Beautiful, cohesive photography reflects on your brand. The more unified your aesthetic remains, the more consumers want to come to your page for an escape. There, they can browse and make purchases.

Photos are integral to your marketing for a jewelry store, branding, and sales.

Here are tips to boost photography in your social media marketing strategy:

  • Background

When in doubt, stick with a white background. White provides a beautiful, bright canvas for any piece of jewelry you want to display. The color always looks clean, fresh and forbids any distraction from the focal accessory.

An easy way to create the background is to use a white poster board beneath your shots- try the table or the floor.

  • Lighting

The sun’s natural light is your best friend! If it’s a gorgeous day and sunlight is pouring in through the office or your home windows, take advantage of it. It’ll be worth the time spent to have perfectly, naturally bright photographs to share with your consumers.

Avoid shooting directly beneath the sun- you don’t want to produce a glare.

  • Angle and Camera

With the right lighting, a camera phone can shoot incredible photos. Of course, if you can swing a more technical camera in your budget, the investment will pay off.

Whichever camera you use, experiment with angles. Try capturing from several vantage points- maybe from atop a ladder- to get the best shot.

  • Styling

Stay on theme in your photos. What story does the piece of jewelry you’re shooting tell? Style shoots with props that are thematically relevant and always keep the accessory as the star of the show.  

Try flowers, magazines, window frames, and sunglasses.

  • Editing

Photographers often joke that the real work happens in editing. Before you start making changes, go through your reel and select the photos worthy of editing- ones you might use in a campaign. This will lessen the workload. While editing on apps like AfterLight or Lightroom, focus on saturation, contrast, and brightness.

Keep editing consistent amongst photos and be careful to not over edit.

  • Selfies

It’s too soon to say whether the selfie will fade in 2017, but for now, it’s an excellent way to relate to consumers and show how the jewelry falls and looks in person.

Small business marketing is a craft, and it’s one we love at EM360. When you are ready to get started on your company’s brand and strategy, reach out to our team of experts for the best insight and long-term guidance.

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