As a proud Detroit marketing agency, we are constantly surveying the digital marketing landscape for upcoming trends and searching for ways to implement the strategy before our clients’ competition gets to the playing field.

From reimagining the thoroughness of website design to analyzing strategy line by line for harnessing a high-end consumer, 2016 led our team in and out of many marketing grooves that proved to be extremely effective for clients and industries, overall.

Now it’s time to forecast what’s ahead so that you can equip your strategy with the best digital marketing style.

EM360’s Digital Marketing Trends for 2017:

Augmented reality

AR apps like Pokémon Go entered the market and proved the potential of the fantastical. This is the year to slot budget for AR games and modes of engagement or to capitalize on AR games that already exist.


Know your stuff! We saw the unraveling of trust with 2016’s prolific fake news sites, so your brand and the claims you make will be under constant and intense scrutiny.

Data visualization

Data visualization will make it possible to digest a plethora of raw analytics in one neatly conceptualized image. Data interpretation is not only tricky, it’s time-consuming! Incorporating visualization software into your analytics will save you time and energy, helping you to more quickly refine strategy elements.

Dense content

Every word counts because nobody wants to read too many. Research what your consumers already know and build off proven assumptions to provide them with the next layer of information that will prompt them purchase. Where other marketers are oversharing, you will cut through the noise and grab your user’s attention and loyalty with quick, to the point bits.

Immersive experience

AR and VR have opened the gates to immersive experiences, and 2017 will see consumers wanting to be part of your brand. Find ways to invite them in and to stay engaged.

Live video streaming

In-the-moment content became popularized (and addictive) by Snapchat, but it is now adopted by many social mediums, including Facebook. Offering live video streams of your brand, your brand events or your brand’s attendance at industry events will be huge!

Native advertising

It’s time to get clever and kick up your native advertising efforts. The public is pretty sick of traditional advertising, so you must find creative ways to get your brand in their front view. Other brands will be doing this, too, and you cannot simply copy other ideas. Be original and unique, so the audience does not notice your effort.

Niche markets

Online marketing is so congested that niche marketing is not just advantageous; it’s necessary. Hone in on your audience. Refine their qualitative characteristics until you know exactly who you are after, where they are at, which color shoe they will want in five months and which social page they’re opening at 4:29 PM.

Personalized content

Personalizing content to specific audience members’ interests and needs rose as a dominant trend in 2016. Going forward, B2C personalization will continue to dive deeper into the consumer psyche, and B2B personalization will become just as central in marketing.

Did you get all that? The year ahead should prove to be one with significant traction across technological developments. If we can help guide you through the upcoming trends, we’d love to! Our team at EM360 are experts at implementing digital, SEO and social media strategies to achieve unparalleled results, especially amongst small businesses in local markets. Reach out to us to get going on your 2017 digital marketing plans and start your new year right. 


Still want more? Check out my Youtube Channel for more tips about Marketing trends in 2017:

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