Accounting and social media, two peas in a pod, right? We’re kidding, these aren’t two words you commonly hear together, but social media can be a success-altering strategy for accountants. Digital marketing is no longer a way to boost sales; it is essential to finding clients, making sales and keeping consumers as loyalists.

If you specialize in media financial services and find yourself wondering how to market your accounting firm, read below for the essential ways to utilize social media in your overall marketing strategy. Below the list of things to do, we’ve also included a list of items to avoid! Pay attention to both, avoiding either can get you into trouble.

Social Media Dos for Accountants:

  • Ask questions in your posts that engage readers and keep them interested in the services you provide.
  • Be selective with what you share. Whether original or repeated, make sure content is relevant to your brand, services, and clientele.
  • Don’t just educate your audience, inspire them! How do your services empower their lives?
  • Embrace a multi-platform presence and keep posts relevant to each platform’s audience.
  • Follow industry leaders and influencers.
  • Make social media part of your routine checklist and give your social presence a checklist of its own, too.
  • Personalize content. Not all posts need to reach your entire audience; it’s okay to vary!
  • Post frequently and consistently.
  • Prepare your content in advance. This is a huge time save and a way to ensure that you don’t forget to post special promotions or timely events, like tax return deadlines.
  • Set up accounts on relevant, popular networks. Find out where your niche audience spends most of their time and set up profiles there. Amongst others, LinkedIn should be amongst your top selections.
  • Sift around social media for popular hashtags, and include them in all of your posts.
  • Search your brand name and see what competitors show up. Investigate what social presences they have and what type of content they share through platforms.
  • Sync campaigns with the rest of your traditional marketing campaign.
  • Vary content to keep consumers engaged.

Social Media Don’ts for Accountants:

  • Expect anything to happen without a plan.
  • Expect to win over new clients overnight. Clients and followers take time! Stay persistent.
  • Assume people are interested in your practice. What you do is interesting, we believe you. But you must convince your consumers of this.
  • Settle for what the general media say. What do you say?
  • Follow every random person possible. This will give you a false sense of engagement. Focus on followers that are likely to convert into strong, loyal customers.
  • Blast too many promotion messages. If you’re running a promotion, publicize it as part of a larger story, and in a fashion that complements the select platforms. Social media use is well-received when it’s used as intended by its users; not when it is used as a free space for ads.
  • Assume that social media is an easy, time-friendly task. There’s a lot to it, and it’s going to take time to fulfill goals adequately.
  • Confused metrics with what matters. Pay attention to lead conversions. Don’t get caught up in high follower numbers. Remember, at the end of the day, you need sales, not likes.

Navigating social platforms and utilizing SEO strategies aren’t difficult as long as you are committed and know what you’re doing. Contact our EM360 team to get help on SEO for financial advisors. Your most successful year yet is just around the corner!

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