It’s easy to get overwhelmed in an industry that is inundated with knowledgeable teams and reputable experts. But it’s a new year, and there’s an opportunity to refine your car dealer marketing strategy.

Below are EM360’s top tips for improving your marketing in 2017:

Email market with auto response

Auto responders include personalized messaging. Depending on what consumers have indicated interest in, email genres can be specified and sent accordingly. Stay consistent with your email promotions and outreach.

Engage the community

Reach out to your local community, host events and offer insight on the car buying and upkeep experience as often as you can. Being an expert locally is monumental to your company’s success.

Generate leads with social media

Social media for car dealerships is a phenomenal way to make a name for your brand. As long as you execute correctly and keep content genuine, standing out amongst fellow car experts is a synch. Target your ideal audience on Facebook, drive sales through Twitter, enthuse millennials on Instagram, and market your brand through video on YouTube. Harness your Pinterest board to encourage re-pins that lead consumers back to your website, host contests that generate buzz and interest and remember, reviews matter! Ask consumers to review your company online and send kind words on your social platforms. Settle on the story that your brand wants to tell and carry it through all of your efforts on social platforms.

Generate trust with website design

Upholding a decent digital footprint lets consumers know that you’re on top of your game. Being a used car dealer does not deem anything else about your brand second-rate. Some of us know that a used car isn’t second rate, but you have to communicate that to potential buyers. Show consumers how impressive a used car is and how enjoyable the respective buying experience can be by offering an up-to-date and compelling website. Sites should be easy to navigate, informative, SEO-equipped and filled with only quality content.

Keep a consistent blog

Blogging is a resource that many find useful for search engine optimization purposes. It’s also a great way to educate consumers. Make sure that blogging content is original, unique to your brand and plenty engaging for your audience!

Mobile compatible websites

Mobile is the ever-increasing favored medium for web browsing and information searching. If your site is not web compatible, you won’t rank well in search engines; consumers will opt for a different search choice for their needs and your audience won’t take you seriously as a leader in the industry. Mobility is essential.

Promotions as central messaging

Car dealership promotions can be used as more than in-store or online elements. Use promotions as your central message to reel in current and prospective consumers. Investing in a car is a huge financial commitment, so you can plan on your consumers being budget-conscious. Offer promotions as part of larger buys and include some as giveaways with no strings attached.

Track leads by customizing offers

Customizing is critical to converting leads into sales, and channel tracking lets you know how effectively your messaging is working.

Use both traditional and digital marketing

Digital marketing is essential, and we are thrilled you’ve hopped on board with the movement. But don’t let go of traditional marketing just yet. Online and tangible presences complement each other sweetly. For example, outdoor ads can be traced quickly online, and online efforts can just as easily be reinforced with tangible signage.

To get the most out of your auto dealer marketing efforts in 2017, reach out to EM360. Our team is your go-to source for local and small business marketing. We look forward to helping you grow past your potential in 2017.

EM360 Digital

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