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28 Mar 2017
HR marketing strategies

Creative Ideas for Recruiting on Social Media

Job-seek­ers find them­selves amidst a sea of com­pe­ti­tion. No mat­ter the posi­tion they’re vying for, an unfath­omable num­ber of fel­low appli­ca­tions are up for the same title. It’s a tough search and an even hard­er win. As high as the pres­sure is for appli­cants, it’s intense for com­pa­nies, too. HR not only needs to find […]

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21 Mar 2017
Allergist marketing strategy

Marketing Tips for Allergists in 2017

‘Tis the sea­son for mar­ket­ing ideas 2017! And you know what? We’re stoked about it. The new year wel­comes new trends, and it’s fas­ci­nat­ing to watch our clients’ small busi­ness­es thrive under the direc­tion of inno­v­a­tive mar­ket­ing endeav­ors. Today we want to focus on mar­ket­ing for an indus­try who is also expe­ri­enc­ing an all-time high: […]

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07 Mar 2017
Row of multi-colored bikes, black rubber tyres, absorbs, with preaty light.

How Can Sporting Goods Retailers Immerse Their Customers?

Har­ness­ing the atten­tion of the mil­len­ni­al gen­er­a­tion has been a dif­fi­cult objec­tive for many brands over the last half a decade. The mil­len­ni­al atten­tion span is small, mak­ing effec­tive mes­sag­ing espe­cial­ly cru­cial. Mar­keters have only a few sec­onds or a few lines to grab this young mind­set and make con­sumers fate­ful­ly curi­ous in that brand’s […]

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01 Feb 2017
Outdoor detail shot with lot of used cars in a row

Redo Your Used Car Dealership Marketing Campaign

It’s easy to get over­whelmed in an indus­try that is inun­dat­ed with knowl­edge­able teams and rep­utable experts. But it’s a new year, and there’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty to refine your car deal­er mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Below are EM360’s top tips for improv­ing your mar­ket­ing in 2017: Email mar­ket with auto response Auto respon­ders include per­son­al­ized mes­sag­ing. Depend­ing […]

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24 Jan 2017
2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing – Trends for 2017

As a proud Detroit mar­ket­ing agency, we are con­stant­ly sur­vey­ing the dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing land­scape for upcom­ing trends and search­ing for ways to imple­ment the strat­e­gy before our clients’ com­pe­ti­tion gets to the play­ing field. From reimag­in­ing the thor­ough­ness of web­site design to ana­lyz­ing strat­e­gy line by line for har­ness­ing a high-end con­sumer, 2016 led our […]

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19 Jan 2017
Confident female doctor in front of team, looking at camera smiling, multiracial team with black female doctor

Attract High-End Consumers to your Private Practice

High-end con­sumers are an asset to any busi­ness. They pay more for prod­ucts, and they expect more out of your prod­ucts, which prompts you to be con­stant­ly inno­vat­ing and improv­ing. This clien­tele tends to sub­mit to bet­ter reten­tion and remain loy­al to one brand through­out a life­time. Attract­ing a high-end cus­tomer base is fair­ly sim­ple, […]

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12 Dec 2016
image of financial accountant working.

Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms

It isn’t every day that we hear dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing and account­ing in the same sen­tence. It seems odd to pair two ser­vices that at face val­ue, have noth­ing to do with one anoth­er. Account­ing and finan­cial firms have a tan­gi­ble prod­uct to offer, and their clients expect results, peri­od. So what could social media and […]

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07 Dec 2016
Image of a woman's face and plastic surgeons.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Cosmetic Surgeries

Cos­met­ic surgery mar­ket­ing trends are con­stant­ly chang­ing and con­se­quent­ly, keep­ing up is a time-con­­sum­ing chore! Thank­ful­ly, we are here to elim­i­nate that stress in your life and get down to busi­ness on social media trends in the plas­tic surgery indus­try. With­out fur­ther ado, here are some key tips to keep in mind: Top 10 Social […]

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30 Nov 2016
Fit young woman with her personal fitness trainer in the gym exercising with gymnastic rings

Top Tips for Personal Trainer Marketing

The per­son­al train­ing indus­try has con­tin­ued to grow every year since get­ting its start in the ear­ly 1990’s. Now, what has become a mul­ti-bil­lion dol­lar a year indus­try offers plen­ty of tremen­dous oppor­tu­ni­ties for indi­vid­u­als look­ing to get start­ed in this very pop­u­lar pro­fes­sion. Whether you are an estab­lished train­er with a sol­id clien­tele base […]

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18 Nov 2016
Image of car dealership in Detroit.

Five Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

Car com­pa­nies and big name deal­er­ships dom­i­nate TV com­mer­cials, web page adver­tise­ments, social media and even the radio sta­tions. It may seem like an impos­si­ble feat for a new car deal­er­ship to break into a mar­ket that is con­trolled by estab­lished names with big mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing bud­gets. How­ev­er, for the new­com­ers to the mar­ket, […]

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