It isn’t every day that we hear digital marketing and accounting in the same sentence. It seems odd to pair two services that at face value, have nothing to do with one another. Accounting and financial firms have a tangible product to offer, and their clients expect results, period. So what could social media and SEO services have to do with finance?

Getting more business, of course. Today, our society is hyper aware of their money. We’ve lived through a recession- some of us multiple- so we understand the ramifications should we forego attention to our bank accounts. More demand from the public to maintain finances has sprung a surge of financial firms. Hired ultimately on merit, good and great firms still need an online presence to generate buzz about their brand worthiness and make sure they are gaining a profitable share of the market.

Understanding digital marketing is critical in establishing a prominent voice in the accounting industry. With the majority of consumers spending their time across various digital platforms, being present and engaging in those areas is essential.

Two of the most powerful elements in a digital marketing strategy are social media management and search engine optimization. Both drive traffic to your site, increase your online prominence and help turn prospective clients into loyalists. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these tools.

Benefits of social media and SEO for financial advisors:  

  • Social media is free! As long as you can devote the time, it is a free, amazing tool to engage with consumers, share your brand message and elevate yourself as a source of authority in the financial sector. Your competitors, your clients, and prospective consumers are all there- get in the ring with them.  
  • Social increases visibility. Whatever it is that your firm excels at, broadcast it on social media. If your clients continually proclaim your expertise, boast those compliments through your social channels. When searching for financial experts in Detroit, your brand will immediately come to the attention of potential consumers.
  • Social is an extension of everything you already have going on. Whether you are running webinars on building credit or have a new investment promotion, use social media to get the word out to more people.
  • Social media is its namesake: it is social. You want your brand to have a weighty presence across platforms; to be memorable and a sharer of messages that enrich the daily lives and investment portfolios of your clientele and potential future consumers. Use the media to your advantage to gain a healthy social status in the industry.
  • Social media is relevant. Your consumers want to know they are taken seriously and that their interests are regarded in the conduction of your business. So meet them where they spend their time. Show that that you’re willing to come to them as long as they’ll hear the message you have to provide.
  • SEO prompts your website to the top of search rankings. As long as your team is knowledgeable, you should rank competitively for the key search phrases that clients are using to search for local firms and for your competitors.
  • Effective SEO yields higher traffic and higher traffic yields yet again, higher search rankings. The process is circular and builds on itself, but it begins with implementing a solid search engine optimization strategy and maintaining it throughout the constantly evolving algorithms of search engines.

If you’ve never found yourself asking how to market your accounting firm, now is an excellent time to start pining over possibilities and better yet, establishing answers. EM360 specializes in bringing small businesses to the attention of prospective clients across a variety of niche audiences. Let our team help with the marketing end of business so that you can focus on what makes your business the best in the industry. To stay on top of digital marketing trends, subscribe to our blog!

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