The personal training industry has continued to grow every year since getting its start in the early 1990’s. Now, what has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry offers plenty of tremendous opportunities for individuals looking to get started in this very popular profession. Whether you are an established trainer with a solid clientele base or are fresh to the industry, all trainers can benefit from the effective marketing of their services. Here are three top tips for personal trainer marketing that can give you a boost in your business.

Website Content and Industry Blogs

First and foremost, you should create a website. Today, no business, no matter the industry or size, should be without a website. With so much business taking place digitally, it is a no-brainer to create a professional website where potential customers can find all the information that they need about the services you provide. Next, you need to take some time and develop relevant and engaging content on your website. This will do three things for you and your business. One, it will show your potential clients that you are well educated on the subject manner of personal training. Second, it will help your SEO efforts to increase your website’s ranking in search engine results. Finally, you will need it for when you want to approach various online fitness outlets about writing content for them to expand your reach. This will help generate credibility for you, and it will create another avenue for potential clients to see your knowledge and services on popular websites. These fitness outlets will first check out your website and its content because they will not just let any self-proclaimed fitness guru develop content for them if they are a credible source. They will want to be sure that you can add fresh and captivating content to their site for their visitors.

You are Your Brand

Putting a name to your product is marketing 101. Did you develop a unique training strategy or a special circuit or routine that produces results? Brand it. Come up with a name and run with it. Catchy-named workout videos and programs dominate infomercials, and there is a reason behind it. Having a catchy name is far easier for someone to share and remember when searching online than someone’s name. “10-minute Abs,” “Zumba,” and “P90X” are all names you have probably heard of in the industry, and that is because they developed a routine that works and put a name with it. You are your brand. Your knowledge is the product that customers will pay for, so take advantage of this basic marketing tactic. Every great product has a name, so why shouldn’t yours? Having a name for your product will open up online marketing avenues for you. Instead of just having your name out there associated with being a personal trainer, you now have a product name that can be advertised, reviewed, searched and purchased as well.

Social Media

Social media can be an invaluable tool to use and master as a personal trainer. It allows engagement with customers on an easily updatable platform. Here are some strategies to incorporate for your social media presence.

Personal Training Motivational Vector

  • Use social media to leverage yourself as an expert by seeking out the target audience in the niche market you are trying to connect with. Build relationships within those niche markets by making posts, commenting and contributing. This will generate interest in your name and brand and promote users to navigate to your website where they will know in a very short amount of time just who you are and what your credentials are.
  • Daily Tips are a great way to generate buzz around your name and product. Once you have established yourself within the niche markets, you should post a daily tip in some form or another across all your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…). People will repost, retweet and share your information since you are now regarded as an expert. Your audience increases in size every time someone shares your tip.
  • Including a link to your contact page on your website or the invitation to send you a message on whatever social media platform is a must. This provides an easy avenue for users to act on any inclination that they feel to reach out. Whether it is to ask a simple question about the post or to inquire about your services, providing that easy access is key to generating great potential leads from your targeted audience. If someone has to search your name or product separately and find the page to contact you on their own, by that time most people have lost the interest to do so.

Whatever your digital marketing and advertising needs may be, EM360 provides exceptional service and results to their customers. From SEO to social media marketing services, find out more information today about how EM360 can improve your digital presence. Why not request a proposal today. To get more great tips specific for your industry, subscribe to our blog and get notified when new content is published!

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