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15 Aug 2016
Two young people in a record shop. One person buying and one selling

Why Your Website Needs to Be Visually Appealing

Peo­ple are quick to judge. It takes them less than one sec­ond to put togeth­er an opin­ion about anoth­er per­son or a web­site first impres­sion. For mar­keters and busi­ness own­ers alike, that means visu­al­ly appeal­ing web­sites are the icing on the cake that con­verts traf­fic into sales. Some of the big play­ers in cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca, […]

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13 Jun 2016
Small child filming while sitting on tv.

How to Maximize Your Exposure Through Videos

If it seems like con­tent mar­ket­ing and SEO strate­gies are nev­er end­ing, you’re on the right track! Opti­miz­ing our brands’ vis­i­bil­i­ty is for­ev­er evolv­ing as the capa­bil­i­ties and capac­i­ties of the web grow. The best prac­tice you can take is to stay on top of shift­ing and emerg­ing ele­ments to incor­po­rate into your brand strat­e­gy. […]

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22 Mar 2016

How to Send Video Emails

With tech­nol­o­gy where it is at today, video email is not only becom­ing much more com­mon, but most impor­tant­ly becom­ing eas­i­er to accom­plish than it was even two years ago. Even though it is much eas­i­er, that doesn’t mean it is with­out com­pli­ca­tions. You need to fig­ure out your method of how to send video […]

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07 Jan 2016

Video SEO Tips That Can Impact Your Rankings

Fight­ing to find the best SEO ser­vices and prac­tices can be just that: a fight. It seems the Inter­net is cloud­ed with best prac­tices and best providers. Some­times, there’s so much advice, it clouds our abil­i­ty to sift through the infor­ma­tion and find the pieces most rel­e­vant to our own busi­ness­es. Prac­tice hon­ing in on […]

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