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13 Jun 2016
Small child filming while sitting on tv.

How to Maximize Your Exposure Through Videos

If it seems like con­tent mar­ket­ing and SEO strate­gies are nev­er end­ing, you’re on the right track! Opti­miz­ing our brands’ vis­i­bil­i­ty is for­ev­er evolv­ing as the capa­bil­i­ties and capac­i­ties of the web grow. The best prac­tice you can take is to stay on top of shift­ing and emerg­ing ele­ments to incor­po­rate into your brand strat­e­gy. One ele­ment that has and con­tin­ues to show incred­i­bly use­ful for build­ing brand aware­ness and loy­al­ty is video.

Right now, there is a huge empha­sis on con­tent. That means writ­ing, pic­tures, info­graph­ics and video. As we know, one of the most promi­nent con­sumer gen­er­a­tions- the Mil­lenials- is espe­cial­ly keen on pic­ture and video con­tent. These con­sumers have a crit­i­cal eye because they’ve grown up watch­ing YouTube, they have their own chan­nels, they spend their free time edit­ing their own GoPro videos into cin­e­mat­ic pro­duc­tions. Today’s con­sumers expect to see a qual­i­ty video, for it to per­fect­ly emanate your brand sto­ry and if it’s any­thing less, they’ll leave. Because quite frankly, they can do it bet­ter.

So where does leave you? In need of sol­id video pro­duc­tion and on top of that, a way to ensure it reach­es the mass­es at the right time. Let’s look at prin­ci­pals to adhere to for both.

When cre­at­ing video, stick to these basic rules of thumb:

  • Stay with your brand. Your brand voice mat­ters. Con­sumers notice. They see when you Insta­gram col­or scheme gets brighter, and they notice when your videos shift from inter­view snip­pets to long shots of drone footage. Choose one and stick with it. If you choose to evolve, loop in the con­sumer. Tell them about the shift.
  • Make it mat­ter. Don’t include video for the sole pur­pose of added con­tent. Make sure if pro­vides some sort of edu­ca­tion, unmatched expe­ri­ence or not-yet-seen-before footage to your view­ers.
  • Be excep­tion­al. Pro­duce con­tent that your view­ers want to share.

When it comes to video SEO opti­miza­tion, remem­ber these tips:

  • Don’t be bash­ful. Ask for sub­scribers! Tell peo­ple to fol­low you and explain why.
  • Add your YouTube wid­get to your blog. YouTube is such an amaz­ing plat­form for con­nec­tion poten­tial. Uti­lize it! Boast your great video on your own site, but look for more brand loy­al­ists on YouTube, too!


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