If it seems like content marketing and SEO strategies are never ending, you’re on the right track! Optimizing our brands’ visibility is forever evolving as the capabilities and capacities of the web grow. The best practice you can take is to stay on top of shifting and emerging elements to incorporate into your brand strategy. One element that has and continues to show incredibly useful for building brand awareness and loyalty is video.

Right now, there is a huge emphasis on content. That means writing, pictures, infographics and video. As we know, one of the most prominent consumer generations- the Millenials- is especially keen on picture and video content. These consumers have a critical eye because they’ve grown up watching YouTube, they have their own channels, they spend their free time editing their own GoPro videos into cinematic productions. Today’s consumers expect to see a quality video, for it to perfectly emanate your brand story and if it’s anything less, they’ll leave. Because quite frankly, they can do it better.

So where does leave you? In need of solid video production and on top of that, a way to ensure it reaches the masses at the right time. Let’s look at principals to adhere to for both.

When creating video, stick to these basic rules of thumb:

  • Stay with your brand. Your brand voice matters. Consumers notice. They see when you Instagram color scheme gets brighter, and they notice when your videos shift from interview snippets to long shots of drone footage. Choose one and stick with it. If you choose to evolve, loop in the consumer. Tell them about the shift.
  • Make it matter. Don’t include video for the sole purpose of added content. Make sure if provides some sort of education, unmatched experience or not-yet-seen-before footage to your viewers.
  • Be exceptional. Produce content that your viewers want to share.

When it comes to video SEO optimization, remember these tips:

  • Don’t be bashful. Ask for subscribers! Tell people to follow you and explain why.
  • Add your YouTube widget to your blog. YouTube is such an amazing platform for connection potential. Utilize it! Boast your great video on your own site, but look for more brand loyalists on YouTube, too!

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