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07 Jan 2016

Video SEO Tips That Can Impact Your Rankings

Fight­ing to find the best SEO ser­vices and prac­tices can be just that: a fight. It seems the Inter­net is cloud­ed with best prac­tices and best providers. Some­times, there’s so much advice, it clouds our abil­i­ty to sift through the infor­ma­tion and find the pieces most rel­e­vant to our own busi­ness­es. Prac­tice hon­ing in on just one ele­ment of your site in need of SEO. Today , we’ll look at video SEO. If you are adding video or look­ing to enhance the video on your site, stay focused on video only as you read this arti­cle. Then, exe­cute only the video SEO tips. Let’s go!


There are so many pro­fes­sion­al SEO ser­vices to choose from, but first and fore­most, let’s talk about the qual­i­ty of your con­tent. Invest in good con­tent. If the con­tent you pro­vide is bet­ter, more effi­cient, high­er qual­i­ty and over­all a bet­ter con­sumer expe­ri­ence, search engines will show view­ers your video instead of the one that already exists from your com­peti­tor. If it is not bet­ter, new or ground­break­ing, why would any­one want to watch it? Con­vince view­ers that they should watch your videos on your site. Get­ting view­ers to your site won’t mat­ter if you can’t keep them there. If you can’t keep them there, then there won’t be any chance to call them to action with your busi­ness. While view­ers are watch­ing your video, is there a clear call to action? Videos pro­vide an amaz­ing plat­form and tim­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty for inter­ac­tiv­i­ty. Ask ques­tions along the way and pro­vide addi­tion­al links (to your site’s land­ing pages). Make sure your qual­i­ty con­tent is easy to nav­i­gate.


Let’s roll this nav­i­ga­tion con­ver­sa­tion over to the SEO video check­list:

  1. Keep it orga­nized! The view­er expe­ri­ence is the most impor­tant chal­lenge to over­come. Make it easy to find videos.
  2. Host your own par­ty. Always host the orig­i­nal, full video files on your land­ing page. Include an option for YouTube or Vimeo, but keep view­ers at your site when­ev­er pos­si­ble.
  • Give every video its own land­ing page on your site
  • Index every video at its own land­ing page on your site
  1. Include tran­scrip­tions for every video. What about your view­ers who can’t lis­ten on the sub­way, but would like­ly read a tran­scribed ver­sion on their com­mutes? Plus, you can use the script as pig­gy­back con­tent.
  2. Set meta words for every video. Do this as you go!
  3. Cre­ate a video sitemap that is easy for view­ers to nav­i­gate. After they watch one, make it easy for them to watch anoth­er, rel­e­vant video.


After you’ve thor­ough­ly orga­nized and cat­e­go­rized your supe­ri­or con­tent, keep your videos amidst the social buzz! Include a link to your video on every one of you social media chan­nels. Those inbound links will you do a great ser­vice! Con­sid­er using your social plat­forms (espe­cial­ly YouTube or Vimeo) as pre­views for your full video con­tent. Give peo­ple a teas­er to the par­ty and direct them back to your site for the full show. Wher­ev­er they’re watch­ing, make it easy to embed the video to share with their peers and put on their own sites, gen­er­at­ing even more inbound links for you site!


Get through this check­list for your video SEO needs ASAP. If you are search­ing for addi­tion­al afford­able and local video SEO ser­vices, please get in touch with the EM360 team to speak with an SEO con­sul­tant about which prac­tices are best for you! Good luck!



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