Fighting to find the best SEO services and practices can be just that: a fight. It seems the Internet is clouded with best practices and best providers. Sometimes, there’s so much advice, it clouds our ability to sift through the information and find the pieces most relevant to our own businesses. Practice honing in on just one element of your site in need of SEO. Today , we’ll look at video SEO. If you are adding video or looking to enhance the video on your site, stay focused on video only as you read this article. Then, execute only the video SEO tips. Let’s go!


There are so many professional SEO services to choose from, but first and foremost, let’s talk about the quality of your content. Invest in good content. If the content you provide is better, more efficient, higher quality and overall a better consumer experience, search engines will show viewers your video instead of the one that already exists from your competitor. If it is not better, new or groundbreaking, why would anyone want to watch it? Convince viewers that they should watch your videos on your site. Getting viewers to your site won’t matter if you can’t keep them there. If you can’t keep them there, then there won’t be any chance to call them to action with your business. While viewers are watching your video, is there a clear call to action? Videos provide an amazing platform and timing opportunity for interactivity. Ask questions along the way and provide additional links (to your site’s landing pages). Make sure your quality content is easy to navigate.


Let’s roll this navigation conversation over to the SEO video checklist:

  1. Keep it organized! The viewer experience is the most important challenge to overcome. Make it easy to find videos.
  2. Host your own party. Always host the original, full video files on your landing page. Include an option for YouTube or Vimeo, but keep viewers at your site whenever possible.
  • Give every video its own landing page on your site
  • Index every video at its own landing page on your site
  1. Include transcriptions for every video. What about your viewers who can’t listen on the subway, but would likely read a transcribed version on their commutes? Plus, you can use the script as piggyback content.
  2. Set meta words for every video. Do this as you go!
  3. Create a video sitemap that is easy for viewers to navigate. After they watch one, make it easy for them to watch another, relevant video.


After you’ve thoroughly organized and categorized your superior content, keep your videos amidst the social buzz! Include a link to your video on every one of you social media channels. Those inbound links will you do a great service! Consider using your social platforms (especially YouTube or Vimeo) as previews for your full video content. Give people a teaser to the party and direct them back to your site for the full show. Wherever they’re watching, make it easy to embed the video to share with their peers and put on their own sites, generating even more inbound links for you site!


Get through this checklist for your video SEO needs ASAP. If you are searching for additional affordable and local video SEO services, please get in touch with the EM360 team to speak with an SEO consultant about which practices are best for you! Good luck!


EM360 Digital

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