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22 Mar 2016

How to Send Video Emails

With tech­nol­o­gy where it is at today, video email is not only becom­ing much more com­mon, but most impor­tant­ly becom­ing eas­i­er to accom­plish than it was even two years ago. Even though it is much eas­i­er, that doesn’t mean it is with­out com­pli­ca­tions. You need to fig­ure out your method of how to send video through email, which can be a bit stress­ful. The fol­low­ing tips will edu­cate you on some of the most com­mon­ly used meth­ods of plac­ing videos in email.


Send­ing email videos as attach­ments is the old­est but most reli­able method for achiev­ing the task at hand. It is as sim­ple as com­pos­ing an email and when you are fin­ished, attach­ing it like you would a stan­dard doc­u­ment or pho­to. But you will need to take a few things into account:

  • File size lim­i­ta­tions
  • Sup­port­ed for­mats
  • Send­ing Speeds

All of these are cru­cial for the ease of send­ing your videos through email. How­ev­er, they are not a deal break­er for most peo­ple. There are many free web­sites, as well as free com­put­er soft­ware that allows the user to com­press any video down to the prop­er size and for­mat for most email clients. With a lit­tle leg work, you will be attach­ing videos in no time.


The abil­i­ty to embed video in your emails is some­thing that became pop­u­lar with the use of HTML-5 email­ing. This is a sta­ple when it comes to video email mar­ket­ing. This is a per­fect option if your com­pa­ny is want­i­ng to add videos to their newslet­ters, or any­thing else along these lines. How­ev­er, as with the attach­ment method, there are some fac­tors that you should keep in mind:

  • Need to under­stand HTLM cod­ing
  • Rea­son­able expec­ta­tions of video play­back
  • Not all email clients are HTML-5 com­pat­i­ble

Again, none of these are deal-break­ers for most peo­ple, but they need to be addressed. If you are not famil­iar with cod­ing, you will need to hire some­one to do this for you. There are options avail­able to you, at a cost of course, but they offer very pro­fes­sion­al emails that will set you apart from many peo­ple in mar­ket­ing. While these meth­ods won’t be for every­one, video in email mar­ket­ing is pret­ty much a must do in the indus­try these days.

If nei­ther of these meth­ods work out for you, you can always fall­back on using a free stor­age ser­vice, such as Drop­box or Google Dri­ve, to host your videos and just place the link to the video with­in the email itself. Grant­ed, this method might not be as visu­al­ly impres­sive as the HTML-5 method, but it is a sure way of mak­ing sure your video will get to all intend­ed par­ties with­out any com­pli­ca­tions.


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