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15 Aug 2016
Two young people in a record shop. One person buying and one selling

Why Your Website Needs to Be Visually Appealing

Businessman holding balloons fly high with coin graph that shows increase in sales. Start up business concept. A Contemporary style with pastel palette, soft blue tinted background with desaturatedPeo­ple are quick to judge. It takes them less than one sec­ond to put togeth­er an opin­ion about anoth­er per­son or a web­site first impres­sion. For mar­keters and busi­ness own­ers alike, that means visu­al­ly appeal­ing web­sites are the icing on the cake that con­verts traf­fic into sales.

Some of the big play­ers in cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca, like the 3M Cor­po­ra­tion, have released sta­tis­tics that shows the brain process­es visu­als 60,000 times faster than text. Num­bers like that help to make a strong case for video mar­ket­ing. If you’re still unde­cid­ed about mod­ern inno­va­tions, like video SEO ser­vices, think about the sta­tis­tic from Zabis­co stat­ing 40% of prospects respond bet­ter to visu­als.  

  • What is the main pur­pose of visu­als in a text?

So the ques­tion becomes how to best use all kinds of visu­als includ­ing videos, graphs and images on your web­site for full advan­tage. One of the ben­e­fits  is  video can accom­pa­ny text and actu­al­ly dri­ve up the lev­els of engage­ment. Post a blog about how your goods or ser­vices work with­out any visu­als and read­ers are left to imag­ine what you mean. The same blog with a video attached gives them eye-catch­ing visu­al expla­na­tions for the infor­ma­tion they find in the text.  Oth­er sta­tis­tics to report that arti­cles with visu­als, like graphs or even pic­tures, get 94% more views.

  • Video mar­ket­ing in the online world

Video mar­ket­ing has tak­en off in the online world because cus­tomer inter­ac­tion is impor­tant like nev­er before. Not only will these visu­al­ly appeal­ing web­sites dri­ve more traf­fic, they can also help you to per­son­al­ize your brand.

Video SEO ser­vices are help­ful in increas­ing your page rank­ings, and using employ­ees or man­age­ment as the spokes­peo­ple helps prospec­tive cus­tomers make a con­nec­tion. Peo­ple like to see the folks that are try­ing to sell them goods and ser­vices. This is espe­cial­ly true in an online world and that’s why these per­son­al­ized videos can make an excel­lent web­site first impres­sion.

Embed­ded videos make for visu­al­ly appeal­ing web­sites that sell too. YouTube reports that over 60 hours of video are up-loaded every minute on the pop­u­lar social media chan­nel. This is more fac­tu­al proof that video mar­ket­ing is an indis­pens­able tool you need to have in your online tool­box.

There’s more than video to choose from when you’re look­ing for the right online mar­ket­ing tool. Info­graph­ics and graph­ics are great ways to get your point across, because while peo­ple gen­er­al­ly only remem­ber 20% of what they read, visu­als are processed almost instant­ly.

  • Visu­al­ly Appeal­ing Web­sites with ROI

If you’ve been read­ing this arti­cle and are still won­der­ing what’s the main pur­pose of visu­als in a text, the answer is: it’s all about how your brain works. Peo­ple will nat­u­ral­ly grav­i­tate towards the graph­ics first and that’s some­thing you should keep in mind when you’re look­ing for visu­al­ly appeal­ing web­sites that have a great return on the invest­ment.

All the sta­tis­tics point to the same fact. You’ve got less than the time it takes to blink an eye to make a good web­site first impres­sion and video mar­ket­ing is an impor­tant part of that.


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