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17 Oct 2016
Images of middle aged woman carrying basket through store. Concept of SEO marketing for local businesses.

Floral Shops and SEO Campaigns

Is it time to mar­ket your flo­ral shop? This is near­ly bet­ter than a win­ter hol­i­day! Maybe it even is! A florist mar­ket­ing plan is a real gem. It is hard to stum­ble upon, but once found, it should be val­ued and fol­lowed. You like­ly already have a stel­lar busi­ness plan for flower shop (right?), […]

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06 Jun 2016
Cooking with herbs.

How to Market Your Cooking Brand

So you final­ly launched your cook­ing chan­nel? Good for you! You’ve tak­en the first step in fol­low­ing your pas­sion. Let us be the first to com­mend you on this daunt­ing endeav­or. Fol­low­ing a recipe is dif­­fi­cult- let alone your pas­sion!   You’ve obvi­ous­ly been cook­ing up deli­cious treats for some time, so you’ve got the […]

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30 May 2016

What is SEO and Why You Need It

Chances are that with­in the last few days you have searched for some­thing on the inter­net using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Whether is was for a prod­uct, a ser­vice or just look­ing up some infor­ma­tion because you had a ques­tion, there is a whole branch of dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing geared towards get­ting a […]

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