Is it time to market your floral shop? This is nearly better than a winter holiday! Maybe it even is! A florist marketing plan is a real gem. It is hard to stumble upon, but once found, it should be valued and followed. You likely already have a stellar business plan for flower shop (right?), and that’s perfect because we want to complement your profit potential with the right marketing tools.

Understanding the flow of SEO is crucial. We’ll talk about non-digital campaign ideas, but you always want promotions to line up with your name and ranking online. Investing in SEO services is a smart and substantial investment. What follows after is much harder to play around with and use to attract the best and most loyal customers.

Let’s get started on tips for both. Here are EM360’s Flower Shop Marketing Ideas and Top SEO Strategy Insights:

  • Market online! Obvious? Yes. Dutifully performed? Not so much. You would be surprised at how many campaigns flower shops run in the store and around town, but don’t back up online. If I’m handed one of your marketing flyers, and I lose it, how am to find the information once I get home? I need to be able to search your name and voila! The information is readily available on your site or social media pages.
  • Local SEO services make for the best SEO investment. In some cases, it does not pay off to try and rank nationally. Google already caters its searches to users’ locations, so it’s in your best interest to focus search engine efforts on the local market!
  • Backlink as much as you can! This can be as simple as submitting posts to industry blogs (in your area, of course) that include your name and web link. It might require a bit more work, too. Reach out to local floral enthusiasts and relevant bloggers. Ask if they’ll include you in their list of recommended brands. Other ways to build links naturally is by entering trade shows and fairs or donate flowers to an upcoming event. Search reviews for flowers in your area, too. Message boards are bound to surface, and on these, you can tell reviewers about your shop! Include a link to your site and all other information necessary to make it easy for potential clients to find you.
  • Image of young woman holding a bunch of flowers that are on sale outside her shop. Sample products around town. Grocery stores are a lovely way to get in front of many customers but think outside of the box. Who is your consumer? It might be a young woman shopping at trendy boutiques around town who is likely to comment on the shopkeeper’s beautiful flower arrangement? And this shopkeeper might inform her that the flowers came from your flower shop, just down the way. The ability to showcase your product seamlessly and locally like this is a marketer’s dream!
  • Bunch flowers according to category and brand them as packages. Consumers are always looking for ways to tell their friends and family of their love and to deliver thoughtful gifts at small merriments. Lunchtime pick-me-ups, just-because, today-is-meant-for-sunshine, lilies-over-lists; get your team together and be creative with the dainty moments you want to celebrate. These category names can be catchy, and when sprinkled throughout your social media pages in the form of hashtags, it will encourage your customers to do the same.

This is just the beginning of floral tips, stay up to date with social media and SEO trends by subscribing to our blog. If you are ready to get trimming on your social media marketing in Detroit, come see us at EM360! We will have you set up and sailing through florist social culture in no time.

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