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17 Oct 2016
Images of middle aged woman carrying basket through store. Concept of SEO marketing for local businesses.

Floral Shops and SEO Campaigns

Is it time to mar­ket your flo­ral shop? This is near­ly bet­ter than a win­ter hol­i­day! Maybe it even is! A florist mar­ket­ing plan is a real gem. It is hard to stum­ble upon, but once found, it should be val­ued and fol­lowed. You like­ly already have a stel­lar busi­ness plan for flower shop (right?), and that’s per­fect because we want to com­ple­ment your prof­it poten­tial with the right mar­ket­ing tools.

Under­stand­ing the flow of SEO is cru­cial. We’ll talk about non-dig­i­tal cam­paign ideas, but you always want pro­mo­tions to line up with your name and rank­ing online. Invest­ing in SEO ser­vices is a smart and sub­stan­tial invest­ment. What fol­lows after is much hard­er to play around with and use to attract the best and most loy­al cus­tomers.

Let’s get start­ed on tips for both. Here are EM360’s Flow­er Shop Mar­ket­ing Ideas and Top SEO Strat­e­gy Insights:

  • Mar­ket online! Obvi­ous? Yes. Duti­ful­ly per­formed? Not so much. You would be sur­prised at how many cam­paigns flower shops run in the store and around town, but don’t back up online. If I’m hand­ed one of your mar­ket­ing fly­ers, and I lose it, how am to find the infor­ma­tion once I get home? I need to be able to search your name and voila! The infor­ma­tion is read­i­ly avail­able on your site or social media pages.
  • Local SEO ser­vices make for the best SEO invest­ment. In some cas­es, it does not pay off to try and rank nation­al­ly. Google already caters its search­es to users’ loca­tions, so it’s in your best inter­est to focus search engine efforts on the local mar­ket!
  • Back­link as much as you can! This can be as sim­ple as sub­mit­ting posts to indus­try blogs (in your area, of course) that include your name and web link. It might require a bit more work, too. Reach out to local flo­ral enthu­si­asts and rel­e­vant blog­gers. Ask if they’ll include you in their list of rec­om­mend­ed brands. Oth­er ways to build links nat­u­ral­ly is by enter­ing trade shows and fairs or donate flow­ers to an upcom­ing event. Search reviews for flow­ers in your area, too. Mes­sage boards are bound to sur­face, and on these, you can tell review­ers about your shop! Include a link to your site and all oth­er infor­ma­tion nec­es­sary to make it easy for poten­tial clients to find you.
  • Image of young woman holding a bunch of flowers that are on sale outside her shop. Sam­ple prod­ucts around town. Gro­cery stores are a love­ly way to get in front of many cus­tomers but think out­side of the box. Who is your con­sumer? It might be a young woman shop­ping at trendy bou­tiques around town who is like­ly to com­ment on the shopkeeper’s beau­ti­ful flower arrange­ment? And this shop­keep­er might inform her that the flow­ers came from your flower shop, just down the way. The abil­i­ty to show­case your prod­uct seam­less­ly and local­ly like this is a marketer’s dream!
  • Bunch flow­ers accord­ing to cat­e­go­ry and brand them as pack­ages. Con­sumers are always look­ing for ways to tell their friends and fam­i­ly of their love and to deliv­er thought­ful gifts at small mer­ri­ments. Lunchtime pick-me-ups, just-because, today-is-meant-for-sun­shine, lilies-over-lists; get your team togeth­er and be cre­ative with the dain­ty moments you want to cel­e­brate. These cat­e­go­ry names can be catchy, and when sprin­kled through­out your social media pages in the form of hash­tags, it will encour­age your cus­tomers to do the same.

This is just the begin­ning of flo­ral tips, stay up to date with social media and SEO trends by sub­scrib­ing to our blog. If you are ready to get trim­ming on your social media mar­ket­ing in Detroit, come see us at EM360! We will have you set up and sail­ing through florist social cul­ture in no time.


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