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06 Jun 2016
Cooking with herbs.

How to Market Your Cooking Brand

Two cooking bloggers together in the kitchen. So you final­ly launched your cook­ing chan­nel? Good for you! You’ve tak­en the first step in fol­low­ing your pas­sion. Let us be the first to com­mend you on this daunt­ing endeav­or. Fol­low­ing a recipe is dif­fi­cult- let alone your pas­sion!  

You’ve obvi­ous­ly been cook­ing up deli­cious treats for some time, so you’ve got the tal­ent and author­i­ty. Don’t believe us? Just list out all the won­der­ful things you have and can make; the work­shops you’ve been to; the ones you’ve host­ed. Your cre­den­tials will sur­prise even you. Now that you have that con­fi­dence, mar­ket your­self accord­ing­ly.

Social media mar­ket­ing ser­vices pro­vide the essen­tial tools for get­ting our brands out of our kitchen and out into the world. But remem­ber this: even if you imple­ment every effec­tive strat­e­gy in the books, you are still your strongest sell­ing point. Why should peo­ple tune in and care about what you have to say? Let’s look at some of the most impor­tant tips and trade­marks to boost your brand:

  1. Be an author­i­ty on cook­ing. Sell your­self! Toot your own horn every­where applic­a­ble.
  2. Host a beau­ti­ful web­site. You know how much a love­ly kitchen and table pre­sen­ta­tion changes the expe­ri­ence of a meal- why would your web­site be any dif­fer­ent? Invite peo­ple and encour­age them to stay at a clean, fresh, beau­ti­ful site.
  3. Uti­lize local SEO ser­vices. Before you hit the ground run­ning nation­al­ly, hit the ground at home! This is one of the most effec­tive ways to launch your site, your brand, your­self and your career. Uti­lize ser­vices to show up when search­ing for local restau­rants, gro­cery shops and more.
  4. Blog away! This is the most effec­tive way to con­tin­u­al­ly add new con­tent to your site, encour­ag­ing Google to list you high­er in search rank­ings. Of course, keep it qual­i­ty.
  5. Pin away! But seri­ous­ly, the more pins that Pin­ter­est users can trace back to your board, the more eyes you’ll get on your site and the more famil­iar tongues will be with your name. We can’t stress Pin­ter­est enough!
  6. The oth­er social net­works. You’re not always going to see a giant turnout per net­work, but uti­lize them all. Face­book, Google+, Twit­ter and YouTube all offer far-reach­ing plat­forms to gar­ner new loy­al­ists, host a proven track record in the indus­try and a place to link back to your site.
  7. Pod­cast. Haven’t thought about it? Think about it! You’ve got a voice and so much wis­dom to share- you wouldn’t believe how many peo­ple out there don’t know a spat­u­la from a spoon. You’ve got help­less chefs-to-be out there to help!

For more tips and instruc­tion on social media ser­vices for small busi­ness­es, get in touch with the EM360 Dig­i­tal team. We look for­ward to help­ing you grow!


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