There was a time not so long ago when all we had to do to be players in the social game was to show up. Have a Facebook page. Be searchable on Instagram. Have a couple of videos on YouTube. That ship has long sailed.

Today, businesses need an active, distinguished voice and presence on social mediums. Determining the strategy that’s right for your brand isn’t as easy as deciding which mediums you like most. Instead, we consider the following:

  • Who’s following which mediums? Are they active there?
  • Do consumers search for brands like mine on Instagram?
  • Does my audience care if I don’t have a Pinterest board?
  • Where will people consider my brand a voice of authority? Will they think that at all?
  • Which mediums are “in” this year?

Social Media Channels suited for your business. Social media is constantly evolving and trends are always landing on new favorites platforms. Digital marketing gets increasingly more personal, more social. A concept that once offered a web page to serve as an online brochure now allows brands to send short clips of behind the scenes brand moments directly to consumers’ phones. It is amazing! But it’s a lot to keep up with.

What’s hot one minute might fade the next. Here’s a kicker: your consumers are loyal to your brand, right? The ones you want to keep, anyway. So it’s good to consider this loyalty as transferable to their social medium preferences. If they started following you on YouTube, they like videos. Where are the next video platforms? Instagram will offer you fifteen seconds of motion picture and Snapchat will give you ten. Did your consumer once go to your site to read about the news? Keep your voice active and new relevant in those 120 characters on Twitter. Follow trends, but follow consumer preferences, too. Wherever society is going, they’ll likely follow. Get there first, and be present in the mode they most like to hear your message.

There’s no right and wrong way to use social media, the opportunities are vast and creativity is constantly rewarded. However, there is a right and wrong way to use social media for your brand goals, in particular. If you want to work on building out a social media strategy that will be best for your brand and look into the most affordable SEO services, get in touch with EM360 ASAP!

EM360 Digital

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