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21 Jul 2016
Image of woman shopping for luxurious shoes and bags in high end market.

How to Market to a High End Consumer

Lux­u­ry mar­ket­ing is a cat­e­go­ry of its own. The con­cept start­ed with small brands that real­ized the poten­tial of a glob­al mar­ket, but knew they couldn’t use tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing to reach the mass­es. By using tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing, lux­u­ry brands would basi­cal­ly remove them­selves from their ele­vat­ed, unat­tain­able posi­tion. Main­tain­ing their exclu­sive sta­tus was vital and their approach to mar­ket­ing them­selves as such proved genius.

How is lux­u­ry mar­ket­ing dif­fer­ent from reg­u­lar mar­ket­ing? Lux­u­ry mar­ket­ing is dif­fer­ent from tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing because the sci­ence is not con­sumer fac­ing. Instead of won­der­ing what the high-end con­sumer wants or needs and craft­ing a way to present your prod­uct as accom­plish­ing that, lux­u­ry cre­ates some­thing out­side of the con­sumers’ per­ceived needs to present as desir­able. Lux­u­ry gets to make its own rules in its own world and make the con­sumer believe they need this prod­uct and lifestyle.

There are three approach­es in lux­u­ry mar­ket­ing. They don’t seem too dif­fer­ent at first, but if you allow your­self to think deeply about each approach, you’ll see just how dif­fer­ent these strate­gies are.

  • Lux­u­ry. Lux­u­ry sells itself as its name­sake, mak­ing its brand car­ry the high­est pos­si­ble intan­gi­ble val­ue. Think of some of the most lux­u­ri­ous brands you know, they like­ly come from for­eign ori­gins and exem­pli­fy super niche lifestyles to eas­i­ly tar­get high-end con­sumers.
  • Fash­ion. Fash­ion sells itself on itself on the now. This prod­uct is what every­body is using and wear­ing right now- a con­cept of time that will last finite­ly. For these rea­son, you want to buy that prod­uct.
  • Pre­mi­um. Pre­mi­um oper­ates on a com­par­a­tive log­ic. Pre­mi­um com­pares itself to oth­er, sim­i­lar prod­ucts or ser­vices and presents itself as the best option. Con­ve­nient­ly for the brand, this prod­uct is bet­ter because it costs more and you get more.

Basic rules to mar­ket by

  • No posi­tion­ing. Nev­er try to posi­tion your lux­u­ry brand! By posi­tion­ing, you enter the races with the com­mon brand folk. Always be elu­sive.
  • Make your own desires. Don’t cater to what you know con­sumers need. Present a new life for them to want and crave.
  • Com­mu­ni­cate to a sec­ond mar­ket, to whom the prod­uct is unat­tain­able. This is like hav­ing a fan base. This group will nev­er be inti­mate with the band, but the over­whelm­ing desire from the audi­ence makes the singer that much more entic­ing.
  • Always increase demand, even if it’s by decreas­ing sup­ply. Nev­er make it easy to get your prod­uct. Make it bet­ter qual­i­ty and as a result more expen­sive, few­er in num­ber or phys­i­cal­ly hard to find and buy.

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