As expected, 2016’s Consumer Electronic Show took the cake in innovation, consumer products and a visionary outlook on the next year. Amongst the gadgets were a one-seater Drone Copter, 8K televisions, printing cameras, new streaming services and self-driving cars. On top of these jaw-dropping consumer commodities, new trends for the digital footprint and incubator were a buzz.


One of the most educational keynotes of the week delivered hard facts on the future of digital content. Although the information was delivered around an axis of the online streaming industry, the principals apply to the entire digital marketing sphere. Here they are:


  • On-demand content is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity and the norm. If your content cannot be viewed on the viewer’s timeline and platform of choice, it won’t be viewed.
    • Streaming inside scoop: Netflix plans to spend over $6 Billion cash on programming this year
  • Quality over quantity. If the content isn’t new, enriching and highly probable to make someone better off for having read or watched it, don’t bother. Consumers want to trust you as a go-to source for content, not fluff.
  • Space control. Don’t let your content out of your sight! It is tempting to blast across all your channels, but restrain yourself from doing so. Let your content entice your viewers or strategically place it in the hubs where you know your viewers feed their entertainment and educational appetites.
  • Data, data, data. Use your data to determine precisely what viewers want to read and watch and then give them just that. Make it original content and you’re locked in their hearts. Remember, you don’t need a lot of it, you just need the pieces to make your viewers trust your word and consider you a viable content source for the future.
  • Keep it exclusive. Whenever possible, keep content exclusive to your site. Perhaps you partner with a YouTube personality or Vimeo videographer who limits their content or collaborative content to a relationship with you only. Score exclusive interviews and inside trade secrets. Be creative and tap into that exclusive content!


It is so important to stay on top of consumer trends as our tech world marches forward with more momentum every year. Reading between the lines of product advancements helps garner data and key trends of consumer consumption habits – including those of your website! Keep an eye out for the unfolding of these evolutions in 2016. Reach out to EM360 if you need help keeping up!

EM360 Digital

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