In today’s digital world, your website speaks volumes about your brand. As important as your website SEO services are, your branding and web design are even more. What is the point of generating millions of views if the page is unimpressive to a visitor? Your website branding should remain on point with your brand and should go above and beyond to entice your visitors to not only stay and browse the site, but to visit you again.

Here are the Top Qualities of Great Web Design:

  • Functionality

Does your website work? Do the links open to new tabs when sending visitors to peripheral pages? Are all the interactive fields functional? Are there fields that nobody is using and therefore pointless to keep? Navigation should be easy to follow, especially when selling consumer goods. Don’t make it difficult for the visitor to shop!

  • Identity

Is your page an average website that gets the job done, or does it communicate the aesthetic and mission or your company and brand? Your website is useful for business, but it’s also an incredible marketing tool. Pay as much attention to design as you do the functionality.

  • Aesthetic Clarity

Are the pages cohesive? Are fonts matched? Do colors flow? You might think this sounds silly, but it happens that aesthetic ideas get mixed and matched! Pick one clear vision for the site, and stick to it.

  • Contact Information

Don’t forget that consumers want to contact you! Make it easy and clear to get a hold of you by phone, by email and by mailing address. If you anticipate low response times, explain to the consumer why and when they can expect to hear back from you.

  • Content

Content isn’t just used to fill space. Every word and image should be an extension of the brand and purposeful in communication to the consumer about who you are, what you offer, and what they’ll garner by being a loyal consumer. Use content to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to have a lot of content for visitor to browse, but make sure it is relevant to your brand and well written or created.

  • Testimonials

If users can attest to your value and services, share what they have to say! New visitors love to see why they should trust you (if they should trust you), and what others have to say about your brand.

  • Security

Make sure you aren’t getting hacked! Set up a strong security defense and keep your site and your users’ information safe.
A bit much to take in? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! 

EM360 Digital

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