With Detroit’s economic recovery beginning in 2010, It is said that Metropolitan Detroit, MI, is a key pillar of the economy of the united states. Small businesses in Detroit play a vital part of Detroit’s economic comeback. Bringing jobs and people to Detroit with an increasing number of innovative and cutting-edge companies coming up and into the workforce.

The NEideas Challenge competition is a spinoff of Detroit’s new economic initiative. 2 businesses were chosen out of the 500 companies that applied, to receive $100,000 grants to expand their businesses. This initiative has not only actively helped small businesses in and around Detroit but the Detroit economy in its entirety.

The two winners are two of more than 60 small businesses in Detroit that have received grants since the beginning of the program in May of 2014. The winners included a deli market and a lumber company. The program has awarded more than $1 million to more than 60 small businesses, which encourages more small businesses and entrepreneurs to start their own businesses as well.

9 Marketing tips for your Detroit Small Business:

Publish great content

  • Try top 10 lists
  • Tip collections
  • Best practices for your industry

Create instructional videos

  • Video content is valuable. If necessary invest in professional videos if you do not want to make the videos yourself, but make sure you have videos.

Get Ad promo credits

  • If massive ad campaigns are out of your budget, there are always discounts and coupons around for paid Facebook ads and google ads.

Be a savvy social networker

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (if your business is image-oriented)

DIY Infographics

  • Easier to digest and to share
  • Great way to drive in referral traffic

Give new life to old data

  • If you do not have the budget to hire content writers to add new content, you can breathe new life into something you have already done or seen on the web.
  • Find a study that relates to your industry and polish it up

Recycle your content

  • Just as you repurpose existing data, you can rework your old content into new lively creations.
  • Turn a collection of blogs into an EBook
  • The chances of people seeing the same content is little to none. So you can recycle old content into a 100% new piece of content

Develop a customer referral program

  • Offer your existing customers a free product
  • Free month of service
  • Or a gift for referring new customers

Word of mouth is an extremely powerful way to market and advertise

Online Contests

  • The amount of participants along with the potential leads will be worth the price. We’ve all heard that wonderful phrase at some point, “you’ve got to give a little to get a little,” you’ll have to cough up some cash for a prize. Pure investing, invest in your customers and they will invest in you.

Be creative and use every resource you can to achieve these steps. You will thrive once you embrace your consumers.

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