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07 Mar 2016

The Economy is Improving for Small Businesses in Detroit

With Detroit’s eco­nom­ic recov­ery begin­ning in 2010, It is said that Met­ro­pol­i­tan Detroit, MI, is a key pil­lar of the econ­o­my of the unit­ed states. Small busi­ness­es in Detroit play a vital part of Detroit’s eco­nom­ic come­back. Bring­ing jobs and peo­ple to Detroit with an increas­ing num­ber of inno­v­a­tive and cut­ting-edge com­pa­nies com­ing up and into the workforce. 

The NEi­deas Chal­lenge com­pe­ti­tion is a spin­off of Detroit’s new eco­nom­ic ini­tia­tive. 2 busi­ness­es were cho­sen out of the 500 com­pa­nies that applied, to receive $100,000 grants to expand their busi­ness­es. This ini­tia­tive has not only active­ly helped small busi­ness­es in and around Detroit but the Detroit econ­o­my in its entirety.

The two win­ners are two of more than 60 small busi­ness­es in Detroit that have received grants since the begin­ning of the pro­gram in May of 2014. The win­ners includ­ed a deli mar­ket and a lum­ber com­pa­ny. The pro­gram has award­ed more than $1 mil­lion to more than 60 small busi­ness­es, which encour­ages more small busi­ness­es and entre­pre­neurs to start their own busi­ness­es as well.

9 Mar­ket­ing tips for your Detroit Small Business:

Pub­lish great content

  • Try top 10 lists
  • Tip col­lec­tions
  • Best prac­tices for your industry

Cre­ate instruc­tion­al videos

  • Video con­tent is valu­able. If nec­es­sary invest in pro­fes­sion­al videos if you do not want to make the videos your­self, but make sure you have videos.

Get Ad pro­mo credits

  • If mas­sive ad cam­paigns are out of your bud­get, there are always dis­counts and coupons around for paid Face­book ads and google ads.

Be a savvy social networker

  • Face­book
  • Twit­ter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Pin­ter­est
  • Insta­gram (if your busi­ness is image-oriented)

DIY Info­graph­ics

  • Eas­i­er to digest and to share
  • Great way to dri­ve in refer­ral traffic

Give new life to old data

  • If you do not have the bud­get to hire con­tent writ­ers to add new con­tent, you can breathe new life into some­thing you have already done or seen on the web. 
  • Find a study that relates to your indus­try and pol­ish it up

Recy­cle your content

  • Just as you repur­pose exist­ing data, you can rework your old con­tent into new live­ly creations. 
  • Turn a col­lec­tion of blogs into an EBook
  • The chances of peo­ple see­ing the same con­tent is lit­tle to none. So you can recy­cle old con­tent into a 100% new piece of content

Devel­op a cus­tomer refer­ral program

  • Offer your exist­ing cus­tomers a free product 
  • Free month of service 
  • Or a gift for refer­ring new customers

Word of mouth is an extreme­ly pow­er­ful way to mar­ket and advertise

Online Con­tests

  • The amount of par­tic­i­pants along with the poten­tial leads will be worth the price. We’ve all heard that won­der­ful phrase at some point, “you’ve got to give a lit­tle to get a lit­tle,” you’ll have to cough up some cash for a prize. Pure invest­ing, invest in your cus­tomers and they will invest in you.

Be cre­ative and use every resource you can to achieve these steps. You will thrive once you embrace your consumers. 


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