When I launched my first company, the struggle was real. I used to Google my business and the first twelve Os failed to host my site. The first twelve! We all know if you’re not on the first page, it’s game over. Anyway, I spent a lot of time on my SEO and more importantly, looked into local SEO services. It turns out that local SEO has marvelous turnaround on Google’s search rankings.


When consumers conduct a local search, they’re already in a mode that demands a level of tangibility to their search results. They are looking for a local spin studio, a local boutique, or a local marketing arm to help get their business off the ground. You want to show up at the top of their local search. Google for business is so important! By showing up at the top in local searches, it is more likely to get new, attainable clients to your site and into your shop.


Here are some tips to implement before hiring a local SEO company:


Use local keywords in URLs, heading tags and title tags. Don’t go overboard in the content sections, but wherever applicable, mention your city or state. Google will favor you as a top candidate for that specific, local search.


Listing your contact information across all platforms is imperative. How often do you choose a particular shop or restaurant because the phone number pops up at the top of Google? I know I do all the time. We are an instant gratification generation. Make it easy for your consumers. Get on Google My Business to make it more efficient.


Target ads locally; consumers favor ads that provide immediately attainable results.


Reviews are everything. We trust the opinions of those who had either a great enough or horrible enough experience to take the time to write about it. Encourage your customers to write positive reviews for your business as much as possible. A few of the biggest search platforms are Yelp, Google+ Local, TripAdvisor and Urbanspoon. Ask your customers which sites they favor or type in relevant keywords and see which site your customers are most likely using to guide their decisions.


Include as much contact information as possible in your local ads. Depending on your business, phone number or address might win priority. Always list hours of operation and your services. Driving directions can be helpful. Incentivize customers by listing current coupons or special offers. If you have positive ratings and reviews to boast, include them!


This advice is critical if you are a local business owner. Showing up on a general Google search is advantageous, but it is also difficult. Showing up locally weeds through a bit of the competition and offers a much higher return on your efforts.  


EM360 Digital

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