Recruitment websites are an important part of your toolbox for a successful business in that field. However, the right marketing strategy for a recruitment agency often means taking advantage of all the modern tools available including social media. Business professionals know that having a social media presence and a website working together is the best way for your online business to be successful.

Good marketing strategies for recruitment agencies need to take into account the fundamental differences between a website and social media pages. For example, you won’t have as much control over of Facebook page or Twitter account in comparison to a website that’s made with WordPress. For those businesses that have a website at their disposal, a good marketing plan for a recruitment agency could include an integrated strategy that takes advantage of the strong features of both sets of tools.

If you plan on using this technique, you should make your website the central part of your social media recruitment strategy.  Trying to think of it this way. The website is at the center of the hub with e-mail marketing, Twitter, Google+, a Facebook page and any other social media around the outside edges like moons circling a planet.

Social media for recruitment agencies best practices

Many people use social media for weekly or daily updates. If that’s the case you should try to implement these on your website as well for a fully integrated approach. In this way, you can use the same content for your social media and website and save time.

Blogs are another useful tool that you can use to bridge the gap between your site and social media.  Research has shown over the years that marketing professionals and small businesses alike prefer blogs as a way to get exposure and traffic. They can be written and placed directly on a website. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can post back to the blog with a link.

Marketing strategies for recruitment agencies

Keep in mind marketing strategies for recruitment agencies should also take advantage of the specific benefits social media tools have. For example, if you decide to use twitter to get your message across, It’s important that you understand how critical it is to use hashtags. This is the sort of filing system that social media tool uses, and it’s a great way to filter information and draw attention to your business or service at the same time. For example, you can geographically place one of these hashtags with #NYCrecruiting  to draw attention to the possibilities in that city and back to your website by proxy.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with considering alternatives to recruitment websites if you’re starting out a little cash strapped. You can start your marketing endeavor with a Facebook page if you don’t have a lot of money at the beginning. This social media tool allows you to choose an industry-specific category so prospects will be able to find your business easily. It’s even easy to add a URL from your website if you decide to branch out and have one built later on.

Good marketing strategies for recruitment agencies rely on solid planning and taking advantage of the latest innovations.

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