Having a restaurant or food truck in Detroit, MI makes for a busy career. Ordering food, keeping the equipment in good working order and hiring and paying staff are just some of the things that you need to look after on a constant basis. On top of all of those day to day concerns, you need to look at different ways to make your enterprise grow.

That’s why smart restaurant owners in the area should consider social media marketing services. It’s important to stay ahead of advertising innovations when your local restaurant needs a little boost to attract more customers.  Local SEO services give your online presence an extra lift with some innovative tools that include the written word, video and a host of other techniques. It’s the modern inexpensive way to get the most for your marketing for restaurants dollar in Detroit.

Food truck chef handing out food to customers. Social Media Services for Small Businesses

Here’s a few things you need to know to get started and some excellent ideas for your social media profiles for small businesses when you have a restaurant.

First of all, you might need to take a step back and redefine your target market. Your restaurant might bring in a certain demographic through walk-ins and newspaper advertisements as well as spots on the radio. You could very well be appealing to a different target market when you start to use social media marketing, and a great way to get involved is by using SEO services.

These professionals can help to clarify your target market online and help you to exceed your lead generation expectations. It’s important to shop carefully and find the experts who understand how to strike a delicate balance between technology and marketing intelligence for your restaurant in Detroit.

Of course, if your business is in a particular niche so you’ll want to focus your efforts in some areas more than others.  For example, a good social media company for small businesses will understand how important visuals are to your local restaurant and help you to pick the campaigns that will make the most of pictures and videos highlighting your food. Embedding videos is always a nice added touch for tweets or Facebook posts. You can add visuals of finished meals, short videos on how your food is prepared or even an interview with one of your chefs.

Mobile friendly hashtags

Social media marketing services understand how hashtags can help your social media efforts and increase the exposure for your restaurant in Detroit. These experts can help you point to a neighborhood and send tailored social media messages to potential customers in that location through hashtags like #greatfoodDetroit.  They will also help you to devise a campaign that is mobile friendly and shows up on potential customer’s phones.

One of the other advantages to using social media for marketing for restaurants is engaging customer experience. Asking your clients to comment on the pictures of the food on your menu posted in social media creates a bond and interaction that increases customer loyalty. You can even use this input to help plan items on your menu that will in turn increase sales.

Local SEO services can help your restaurant use text as a way to help out at different points of your business cycle too. For example, with the proper keyword placement on your website and social media platforms like Facebook, you can bring attention to any events or specials that you want to highlight.

By now you might be wondering how social media for small businesses ties together with SEO and how they work as a team. Search engine optimization or SEO for short is all about using techniques like keywords and keyword phrases to increase your restaurant’s page ranking on the Internet. For example, if you’re selling baby back ribs as a special of the month and you use the keyword phrase ‘baby back ribs Detroit’ on your website and social media accounts, people looking for that food on the Internet will find you faster. Integrating social and search platforms are the best way to ensure your restaurant’s success.

Smart Restauranteurs

Many smart restaurant and food truck owners in America use a Facebook page as one of the advertising features they favor. You can post deals like group offers on one of these and SEO services will be able to supply a team of professionals who can put together the relevant content including pictures and videos that will attract attention.

Specifically targeted hashtags come in handy when you’re running a group offer or contest as a restaurant owner in Detroit. This allows anyone who finds the post to use the hashtag and further advertise on your behalf. Social media marketing services can offer a variety of different tools that you can use.

One of the other techniques that work best is supplying a link to your menu so that people can read first-hand what types of food you serve. This is another great way to engage potential customers. It also works especially well if you have a delivery service.

Social media and timing

One of the other advantages to using social media for promoting your business is timing. The right search engine optimization company that understands how to use all of these techniques to your advantage will help you to time the release of tweets to coincide with the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours when people are most likely to visit your restaurant or order out.

Marketing for restaurants has come a long way from the days when your options were print, radio, and television. SEO services can expand your reach to new geographic locations if you plan on franchising your restaurant from Detroit to other parts of Michigan and beyond. If you’d rather stay the same size, these same social media services for small businesses can help you to engage your audience so you can plan future menus and get the most from group offers and other campaigns.


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