When we look at online marketing weight loss campaigns, our eyes don’t usually feast upon mesmerizing ads. It always seems that unrealistic transformation images are on display or some secret is being withheld. Often, a scenario that warrants the need of the service is displayed in such an off putting manner, we don’t want to identify with the weight loss client.

It shouldn’t be this way. Society has lent itself to the trends of a healthy lifestyle and your weight loss company can fit seamlessly into this pre-existing marketing platform.

Let’s take a look at how to fit in as “healthy” and some expert moves to make with your weight loss company’s marketing strategy successful.

First and foremost, focus on health. Right now, healthy eating and living are all the rage – as they should be. Use this trendy platform to connect with your potential consumers. Partner with producers of similar products or services to reach your consumers in settings where they’re already learning about fitness and health.

Present the problem to your consumers as more complicated than just clocking steps and eating green. After all, the problem is more complicated. If an overweight person is struggling to shed pounds, there is likely a metabolic reason more complicated than sitting on the couch for too many hours a day. Shine the light on this complexity to your consumers. Tell them there’s a bigger reason that they are not losing weight, and guess you can help?


That’s right. You have the solution to the complex problem that your consumer cannot navigate and reach an end to on their own. Most of us don’t have time to become side-job dieticians and nutritionists, so we don’t know the in’s and out’s of our bodies and weight like you do. Remind the consumer that you have the answers.

Make sure that what you offer is exclusive to your brand and to your consumer’s goals. Highlighting that within your motivation toward a healthy lifestyle, supplementary products or services are needed to address weight loss needs. Pro tip: offer products at a discounted rate to initiate sales. It’s important that everything you offer – your mission, your goals, your products, your motivation – are all on brand and part of a healthy lifestyle package.

Lastly, don’t narrow your vision too acutely on your consumer. Notice your sales trends and be open to new types of consumers as you see interest spike. You’re in the industry not just to make sales but to help others, and those in need of your help could be any type of person in the world!

Good luck with implementing your marketing strategy and don’t hesitate to contact EM360 to get our team on board.

EM360 Digital

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