Pinterest has been around long enough for businesses to build and establish an impressive page full of catchy information, tips and ideas. In order to use Pinterest for your business, you must first understand what it is, how it works and how to make it work for you.

Pinterest is a stand-alone Visual Social Network built around engaging visual content. Pinners can create, share, collect, and repost information in picture, image or video format. With such an enormous potential for bringing in traffic, there are some need to know actions you must pursue in order to leverage Pinterest’s uncanny potential for referring customers to your business.

In order to create a successful Pinterest, make sure you are following these 8 helpful steps:

1. Plan for pinning success

2. Integrate with other social media platforms

3. Put pinners first

4. Check the source before you pin

5. Curate your collection

6. Show what inspires you

  • Take the time to set up your account properly and completely. Figure out what you will be using your account for. Set up the account with your business name as well as your company logo.
  • Use the Pinterest business Center. You are able to access this site at any time by typing in
  • Be sure to include keywords in your description. Set up the links to your website and social media channels on your profile.
  • Prepare your blog for pinning. You can install these tools from the Business Resource Center. Pin it button for websites, follow me button for websites, and pin it and  bookmark it on your browser to make it easy to pin from the web.
  • Add Pinterest sharing buttons as well as apps to your other social media platforms, such as, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Link Facebook and Twitter. Facebook links only to your personal profile, not pages.
  • Begin by asking yourself, what it is that your customers and future pinners care about?
  • Keep in mind the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Research what your ideal customer is pinning.
  • Be copywrite savvy. Be sure to read the fine print first.
  • Check the source of the pin. When you choose to re-pin a post, click the post first to ensure the pin is sourced to a legitimate website. This is extremely important to your credibility as a business
  • Credit your sources
  • Begin by creating a few boards to start your collection. The best posts are inspiring, with specific topics as well as pictures to draw the pinners in.
  • Instead of simply broadcasting your products, show what inspires those products. Create boards for the people, places, ideas, and moods of your brands.

7. Be Authentic

  • Use your boards to show your values, personality, culture, interests, and products.

8. Be Social

  • Comment and like just like you would on other social media platforms
  • Use names and tag. Use @tags to let the users know you are engaging them
  • Say thank you. Be sure to prioritize and space out your comments. If you tend to post services. Create boards that will be attractive to your ideal customers
  • Once you start growing your own community, you can promote your account and too often Pinterest might mark them as spam, so be careful and choose your responses carefully.


We hope that these tips help you gain visibility. Happy pinning!

EM360 Digital

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