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08 Sep 2015

New design trends

Who can for­get the GIFs of the ‘90s, or the more up-to-date focus on flat design?

Recent­ly, we’ve seen a surge in pop­u­lar­i­ty of respon­sive web design, as more and more sites join the dri­ve to become ‘mobile ready’ which is now even more impor­tant in the wake of Google’s Mobile Friend­ly update.

Let’s exam­ine some of the most pop­u­lar for this and the com­ing year.

1. The Pro­lif­er­a­tion of UI Pat­terns

2. Rich Ani­ma­tions

3. Microin­t­er­ac­tions

4. Mate­r­i­al Design: A Rich­er Alter­na­tive to Flat Design

5. Respon­sive Design

6. Flat Isn’t Going Away Any­time Soon

Addi­tion­al Advice on Web Design Trends

Don’t fol­low trends just because they’re the “hip” thing to do at the moment. Trends rep­re­sent pop­u­lar tech­niques for good rea­son, but make sure it’s best for your users. For exam­ple, an e-com­merce site cer­tain­ly wouldn’t do well as a sin­gle-page infi­nite scrolling site.

Trends are noth­ing more than addi­tion­al tools in your design­er tool­box. Always pick the right ones for the job.

For more advice on the 10 most impor­tant web design trends, check out the free e-book Web Design Trends 2015 and 2016. You’ll learn from the best with analy­sis of 166 exam­ples from com­pa­nies like Google, Apple, Reebok, BMW, Inter­com, Adi­das, Drop­box, and many more.

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