An effective marketing strategy will help you define the overall direction and goals for your business. Your strategy should articulate how you are going to deliver your products or services in ways that will satisfy your customers.

Once you have defined your target market, you need to start developing and implementing tactics to reach them.

You will need to identify the factors which will turn your strategy into a reality in your marketing plan.

First consider your product and service

What product or services are you going to offer? Discuss the branding, the features and benefits you offer, and what makes your service or products different from your competitor/s.

Consider the price

Setting the right price for your product/s or service/s will help maximize profits and build loyal relationships with your customers.

Promote your business

If you’re unclear how to begin marketing your business, consider the audience. Directing your promotions at the correct audience makes a world of difference. Promotion is all about attracting the right people.

Quality service makes for repeat customers

People come back when the service and buying experience is positive.

Make it a goal to meet your customers’ needs, no matter how specific. When starting out this will only help you gain loyal and permanent customers. Always answer inquires, timely, and professionally using the method that they had chosen to contact you. Some clients feel more comfortable sending an email to inquire about a product or service, you want comfortable clients. Conform to their needs, they will remember this.

Your environment

Consider whether your place of business is presentable to your target. This goes back to considering you audience.

For example: If you have a nursery supply store, your inventory should be protected from hands. The store should be clean, easy to walk from one section of your store to the next, (considering the state of some pregnant shoppers) and should inspire shoppers to purchase amazing gifts and materials for parenthood.

The physical environment where your products or services are sold and delivered can have a significant impact on how your customers’ experience your business. The physical environment can be the quality of the furnishings in your consulting rooms, the design of your reception area, or (if not a physical location) it can be your website and how easily the purchasing process is set up.

We hope a few of these marketing tips can give your business the traction you need to reach new heights and as always, we are here to help, growing your business is what we do best!

EM360 Digital

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