Either you’ve made it, or you’re about to. One of the most sought after dreams is that of a vagabond. Well, a vagabond with a paycheck. Living as a travel blogger is one of the best, but most competitive ways to go about achieving this reality. Let us shed some light to help make your travel blog as successful as possible.

  1. Female travel blogger sitting in train station while writing a blog post on her laptop.Offer your services. How are you going to get paid to travel and write if people don’t know you exist? First, pitch yourself at a fixed rate. But if you’re just starting and you can afford a free tip, invest in one or two sample trips for clients.
  2. Use affordable SEO services. If and when you can afford them, use them. This doesn’t mean dedicating a giant budget to SEO and marketing. Think of it more as using a little extra money each year ot improve your wardrobe. Eventually, you’ve got a nice staple in each garment category. It’s the same for you brand. Make small investments when possible. The boost will bump up your brand, your own confidence and eventually, bump you into higher search rankings. It’s worth it.
  3. Utilize social media. Instagram your heart away. If there’s every been a more perfectly curate platform for foodies, we don’t know it.
  4. PR your way into a paycheck. Reach out to PR reps at commercial companies. Do they need press on business trips or quality content on their involvement and presence in foreign places? Let them know that you’re the one for the job!
  5. Consider SEO consultants. Maybe you’ve got a friend in the industry, a business peer with whom you could trade services or maybe, it’s time to invest in someone’s opinion. A consultant can help point out where you are excelling and where your and neglecting SEO tactics.
  6. Keep going. It’s last, but it’s so not least. Don’t give up. Keep writing. Keep practicing your craft. Keep showing your audience that this is your life and this is why they should care about your voice. Stay in the game and the arena becomes your stage.

That’s a lot to wrap you’re heading around while traveling! Well, hopefully, you’ve got a nice train ride coming up where you can let it all soak in and pinpoint the best practices for your travel blog. For the best social media marketing Detroit, get in touch with EM360 Digital, we’ve got all of your small business marketing needs and strategies ready for action.

EM360 Digital

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