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20 Jun 2016
Female travel blogger standing on top of a mountain overlooking a river.

Marketing Strategies for Travel Bloggers

Either you’ve made it, or you’re about to. One of the most sought after dreams is that of a vagabond. Well, a vagabond with a pay­check. Liv­ing as a trav­el blog­ger is one of the best, but most com­pet­i­tive ways to go about achiev­ing this real­i­ty. Let us shed some light to help make your trav­el blog as suc­cess­ful as pos­si­ble.

  1. Female travel blogger sitting in train station while writing a blog post on her laptop.Offer your ser­vices. How are you going to get paid to trav­el and write if peo­ple don’t know you exist? First, pitch your­self at a fixed rate. But if you’re just start­ing and you can afford a free tip, invest in one or two sam­ple trips for clients.
  2. Use afford­able SEO ser­vices. If and when you can afford them, use them. This doesn’t mean ded­i­cat­ing a giant bud­get to SEO and mar­ket­ing. Think of it more as using a lit­tle extra mon­ey each year ot improve your wardrobe. Even­tu­al­ly, you’ve got a nice sta­ple in each gar­ment cat­e­go­ry. It’s the same for you brand. Make small invest­ments when pos­si­ble. The boost will bump up your brand, your own con­fi­dence and even­tu­al­ly, bump you into high­er search rank­ings. It’s worth it.
  3. Uti­lize social media. Insta­gram your heart away. If there’s every been a more per­fect­ly curate plat­form for food­ies, we don’t know it.
  4. PR your way into a pay­check. Reach out to PR reps at com­mer­cial com­pa­nies. Do they need press on busi­ness trips or qual­i­ty con­tent on their involve­ment and pres­ence in for­eign places? Let them know that you’re the one for the job!
  5. Con­sid­er SEO con­sul­tants. Maybe you’ve got a friend in the indus­try, a busi­ness peer with whom you could trade ser­vices or maybe, it’s time to invest in someone’s opin­ion. A con­sul­tant can help point out where you are excelling and where your and neglect­ing SEO tac­tics.
  6. Keep going. It’s last, but it’s so not least. Don’t give up. Keep writ­ing. Keep prac­tic­ing your craft. Keep show­ing your audi­ence that this is your life and this is why they should care about your voice. Stay in the game and the are­na becomes your stage.

That’s a lot to wrap you’re head­ing around while trav­el­ing! Well, hope­ful­ly, you’ve got a nice train ride com­ing up where you can let it all soak in and pin­point the best prac­tices for your trav­el blog. For the best social media mar­ket­ing Detroit, get in touch with EM360 Dig­i­tal, we’ve got all of your small busi­ness mar­ket­ing needs and strate­gies ready for action.


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