Personal training pretty much demands a killer marketing strategy with a side of new clients at all times. Finding time for the gym and marketing your work outside of the gym is a lot to fit in the day. You never want to risk being outside of the workplace should a new client saunter through your doors, but you need some outside work for people to know about you. So how can we make this happen?

There are many ways to practice efficient marketing with training, and we’re letting you in on some of our most coveted insight, now.

Here are EM360’s Secret Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers:

  • Become an expert. Don’t sell yourself short; you already are an expert if you’re training others on how to best maintain their body. After gym hours, practice blogging on your site and writing informative, well-paced and engaging content for other blogs in the industry. Get your name out there as an expert. If you’re starting out with your business, keep in mind that it takes a while to get established on Google.
  • Email existing clients always. Half of what your clients need is accountability. Emailing is not nagging them; it is adding to the consistency of your presence in their life. Training is a part of them now, and it is okay to send those reminders. Be as useful in your outreach as you can. Don’t always require replies, but ask them about what they read at the next session. Did they try the two-day cleanse? Are they interested in outside workouts? Cater your content to clients, specifically. This takes more time, but it will create a lasting bond and you’ll both get more for your time.
  • Make referrals easy for clients. Word of mouth is excellent, but words from our mouth disappear into thin air faster than we gain back those three pounds after one night out on the town. Provide something tangible for your clients to share with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Try to include an incentive on your tangible referral item. A discount, a free class, a friend pass- anything that makes a client want to come in!
  • Include homework. When working out is homework, clients are more likely to do it, even if it outside of their gym time. Assigning a mile every other day and a few short circuit reps is an awesome way to make the training feel as though it extends far beyond the hour-session reach. If you use technology in your workout programs, you can keep track of client progress outside of the gym, holding them further accountable and making sure to keep their sessions with you updated and efficient.
  • Take advantage of your social media handles. Find out where your users look for similar content (most likely Instagram and YouTube) and post heavily there. Be where your clients are outside of the gym, even if it is virtual.
  • Brand your techniques. If it’s moves or sequences that are particular to your regime, brand them! When your clients get results and people ask, it is more fun to explain whose brand their sporting. Plus, as people here more about your unique brand of training, their curiosity is going to spike and they’ll be in your door for their dose of daily toning.  

These are just the beginning of many more marketing campaign ideas for personal training! For guided, professional assistance and the best advice on Detroit SEO, get in touch with EM360! For more marketing and social media tips, subscribe to our blog and get the latest trends coming straight to your inbox.

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