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24 Oct 2016
Image of local Detroit personal trainer working out with his customer.

Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers

Per­son­al train­ing pret­ty much demands a killer mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy with a side of new clients at all times. Find­ing time for the gym and mar­ket­ing your work out­side of the gym is a lot to fit in the day. You nev­er want to risk being out­side of the work­place should a new client saunter through your doors, but you need some out­side work for peo­ple to know about you. So how can we make this hap­pen?

There are many ways to prac­tice effi­cient mar­ket­ing with train­ing, and we’re let­ting you in on some of our most cov­et­ed insight, now.

Here are EM360’s Secret Mar­ket­ing Ideas for Per­son­al Train­ers:

  • Become an expert. Don’t sell your­self short; you already are an expert if you’re train­ing oth­ers on how to best main­tain their body. After gym hours, prac­tice blog­ging on your site and writ­ing infor­ma­tive, well-paced and engag­ing con­tent for oth­er blogs in the indus­try. Get your name out there as an expert. If you’re start­ing out with your busi­ness, keep in mind that it takes a while to get estab­lished on Google.
  • Email exist­ing clients always. Half of what your clients need is account­abil­i­ty. Email­ing is not nag­ging them; it is adding to the con­sis­ten­cy of your pres­ence in their life. Train­ing is a part of them now, and it is okay to send those reminders. Be as use­ful in your out­reach as you can. Don’t always require replies, but ask them about what they read at the next ses­sion. Did they try the two-day cleanse? Are they inter­est­ed in out­side work­outs? Cater your con­tent to clients, specif­i­cal­ly. This takes more time, but it will cre­ate a last­ing bond and you’ll both get more for your time.
  • Make refer­rals easy for clients. Word of mouth is excel­lent, but words from our mouth dis­ap­pear into thin air faster than we gain back those three pounds after one night out on the town. Pro­vide some­thing tan­gi­ble for your clients to share with their friends, neigh­bors, and col­leagues. Try to include an incen­tive on your tan­gi­ble refer­ral item. A dis­count, a free class, a friend pass- any­thing that makes a client want to come in!
  • Include home­work. When work­ing out is home­work, clients are more like­ly to do it, even if it out­side of their gym time. Assign­ing a mile every oth­er day and a few short cir­cuit reps is an awe­some way to make the train­ing feel as though it extends far beyond the hour-ses­sion reach. If you use tech­nol­o­gy in your work­out pro­grams, you can keep track of client progress out­side of the gym, hold­ing them fur­ther account­able and mak­ing sure to keep their ses­sions with you updat­ed and effi­cient.
  • Take advan­tage of your social media han­dles. Find out where your users look for sim­i­lar con­tent (most like­ly Insta­gram and YouTube) and post heav­i­ly there. Be where your clients are out­side of the gym, even if it is vir­tu­al.
  • Brand your tech­niques. If it’s moves or sequences that are par­tic­u­lar to your regime, brand them! When your clients get results and peo­ple ask, it is more fun to explain whose brand their sport­ing. Plus, as peo­ple here more about your unique brand of train­ing, their curios­i­ty is going to spike and they’ll be in your door for their dose of dai­ly ton­ing.  

These are just the begin­ning of many more mar­ket­ing cam­paign ideas for per­son­al train­ing! For guid­ed, pro­fes­sion­al assis­tance and the best advice on Detroit SEO, get in touch with EM360! For more mar­ket­ing and social media tips, sub­scribe to our blog and get the lat­est trends com­ing straight to your inbox.


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