Getting the word out on your goods and services is half the battle. Any air conditioning service provider is in high demand as the mercury creeps up or down, and successful entrepreneurs know having a good knowledge of marketing ideas for small business is as important as knowing the best names in compressors and condenser coils.

Getting new clients means lowering costs to increase profits. In today’s business world, that means throwing your hat into the Internet Marketing realm and under the big tent of any marketing tips for small business there needs to be a website. The business card that will bring in the most profits is in cyberspace and a heating and cooling service that wants to get to the next level needs to have a modern website that’s:

  • User-friendly – Well-designed websites guide readers through the experience and make it easy to find the information they need on all devices—mobile, tablet and computer. Visitors will only stay on your site for seconds before clicking away to the competition if they can’t find the information they want. That’s why placing tabs that act like indexes are important. They need to go right at the top or down one side where no one will miss them. Depending on your prospects circumstances, they may need help fast, the easier to find your contact information the better.
  • Loaded with good content – Your website needs to inform and captivate. Telling clients about your product or service with professionally written copy, pictures, and video supplies the three corners of the successful triangle. Keeping the content fresh and relevant through a blog is also a good idea! It can attract people who are looking for your heating and cooling service online.  One way to accomplish this is to provide your audience value through topics such as seasonal heating and cooling tips!

HVAC advertising ideas that work

Marketing tips for small business in the HVAC game is about being aware of seasonal opportunities too. The fall is a great time to switch over from air conditioning marketing ideas to focus more on home heating services. Start in October and run the campaign right through to November depending on your climate. No money down payment options and cash back choices are great ideas to stress on a Facebook page or through other social media like Twitter or Instagram. It also helps to know your competitor’s offers so you can differentiate your messaging.

Offering system replacements through an email marketing campaign is also a great way to sell the idea when you’re looking for marketing ideas for small business. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at air conditioning marketing ideas or those for home heating services. You’ll need to keep an open mind and mix the old and new techniques together so you can reach your target markets better with social media, the Internet and traditional mediums such as print.

Finding Advertising Help

If you don’t have the time to do this all yourself, that’s fine. You can hire an expert to take it off of your hands. Finding the right company that understands marketing ideas for small business so you can differentiate from your competition is a good first step. From web development to branding, the firm that you select should have an expert staff that understands where you want to take your business.  Remember, an air conditioning service needs to market to individual customers as well as other companies that use their services like construction and building firms.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and expect immediate answers. Any heating and cooling service should work with marketing firms that are flexible. Most importantly they need to have the right analytic tools to be able to measure how well any campaign is working and adjust accordingly.  Hence, it’s more than click and impressions.

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