In today’s media world, space is crowded, but opportunity is vast. Navigated correctly, social media marketing services are one of the most efficient ways to generate brand awareness. Social media provides a platform for your brand’s voice and a space for your brand to engage with consumers in a different, more playful way. That’s not to say it’s all play. There is a strategic way to go about creating that online social media presence. Known for our social media optimization services, let us walk you through some guidelines to best represent your brand online.


The first thing to note is that your audience on social media (even platform to platform) might vary from your product consumer. Provide as many outlet options as you can to reach the widest audience. Most are free! Try YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Keep your brand voice and aesthetic consistent across the platforms, but make minor adjustments. Instagram is notorious for a younger, millennial audience. On this platform, it’s okay to use looser, more casual language and share pictures like consumers using your product. On LinkedIn, you’re catering to a business professional audience. Share content that is relevant to your brand and to the industries you play in. Watch your diction and grammar closely and only set up pages that you plan to keep active. Although a profile page for each is a helpful SEO tactic, you want to provide online destinations for consumers to find you, keep coming to you, buy from you, and have loyalty toward you! Make their time at each page matter.


Post fresh content; it’s okay to regurgitate news here and there and provide commentary on what’s buzzing in your industry. But when you can, offer new ideas and stories for consumers to talk about. Give them a reason to share your feed and your page with their friends and their own social media audiences. Additionally, add value to consumers’ days! Stay top of mind; even if you aren’t getting clicks and shares (this is the goal!), there is an immediate touch point between you and the consumer just by your name showing up on their newsfeed.


Find your followers’ paths, and then lead them on a journey to your site. Always use their favored platforms to lead them back your site or to your favored platforms. Link your social media pages as much as possible. Give users the option to choose where they get your media and the option to explore a new media outlet with you. Pay special attention to the influencers in your chosen media outlets. If you are a fitness website in Detroit, connect with the top Detroit fitness handles on Instagram. You’ll be surprised at how far a relationship with influencers can go.  


Our social media analysis service shows the most effective use of social media to be a constant giving relationship. Add to the conversation; provide commentary to consumer questions and industry qualms. Don’t use the space to promote, use the space to join the conversation! Get in touch with EM360 for all social media marketing Detroit and take your brand to the next level.

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