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Personalized advertising is necessary in today’s marketing environment. Why, you might ask? There once was a time when consumers felt spied on and somewhat invaded by targeted messaging. Now, it’s expected.

Irrelevant ads are a waste of brand and dollars and especially, a waste of consumers’ attention. Don’t get caught in the mix of companies that still the mistake of investing in boring, generic ads that don’t cater to the needs of a specific consumer.

Data on consumer habits and preferences is so readily available, there is not excuse not to hone in on it and use it to your advantage. Plus, it’s advantageous to the consumer as well! I know, I appreciate (maybe more so than my bank account does) when my browsing window reminds me about a few items I had in my shopping cart with which I neglected to check out.

When you begin to personalize ads, you begin to set the stage of emotional marketing. An emotional marketing strategy is not at blatant as its title. It simply appeals to consumers on a level different from needs-based.

By reaching out with a reason particular to the consumer (e.g. a product suggestion based on a previous purchase + discount code), you are able to create a personal relationship with the consumer, allowing the purchase to appeal to the consumer on a personal level.

Check out these personalized ads and brand loyalty statistics*:

  • More than two-thirds of consumers prefer ads tailored to their own interests and consumption habits
  • Three-fourths would rather see fewer ads, but ones that directly align with their needs.
  • Nearly half of consumers find the eradication of irrelevant advertising to be the main perk of personalized ads
  • About seventy percent of male and millennial shoppers would click on an ad if it was personalized. This was greater by about twenty percent to the general ad option. Remember, click-through rates are doubly important for SEO rankings and overall website performance.
  • Almost one-fifth of consumers agreed that personalized ads made online shopping and searching more efficient.

For personalized business products and strategies, get in touch with our team at EM360. We’ll walk you through the details that sometimes appear to be the murkiness of personalized marketing and help you develop a strategy that suits your small business needs.


*Based on the respondents of a study conducted by Adlucent Search Pro(s).

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