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27 Sep 2016
A photo of several AC units on a business building.

Are Things "Cooling Down" for your Heating Service Company – How to Improve Your Business

As a small busi­ness, there is an enor­mous effort that goes into win­ning clients. Pit­ted against big brands in rep­u­ta­tion and online rank­ing, every new cus­tomer is a suc­cess. As an HVAC com­pa­ny, the length of stride to cham­pi­on a new client is even greater.

Big house names gen­er­al­ly pre­cede client search­es for HVAC ser­vices. They’ve been around for­ev­er and come with long-stand­ing mer­it in the indus­try. What cus­tomers don’t know is that you exist! What­ev­er your com­pet­i­tive advan­tage is- price, ser­vice, time, etc. – you need a way to spread the word and start gain­ing more, deserved busi­ness.

So how can you do it?

Social Media

You’ve heard it time and time again. You need social media for busi­ness. Pro­mot­ing busi­ness through social media is one of the most effi­cient ways to reach your new and exist­ing audi­ence; to stay rel­e­vant, and to chime in at the right time on the right con­ver­sa­tions to enlist new biz.

Is one of your Twit­ter fol­low­ers com­ment­ing on how freez­ing her apart­ment is? Who’s there to tweet back and offer to save the day? You are! Stay­ing on top of small activ­i­ty can come with some of the great­est rewards.

Excellent Website

Does an HVAC real­ly need to have the best web­site in town to pro­vide good ser­vices? No. Will it help you win busi­ness? Prob­a­bly! Before a cus­tomer has a chance to see the first-hand reli­a­bil­i­ty of your work, they’re going to need a rea­son to trust you. A pol­ished site is your first impres­sion. It tells your cus­tomer you’ve tak­en the time to keep your tech fresh, even though it’s not the core of your busi­ness.

Addi­tion­al­ly, prop­er web­site man­age­ment allows you to work your way up in the Google search engine, lead­ing ulti­mate­ly to more busi­ness.

Competitive Pricing

Here’s an excel­lent angle, espe­cial­ly in low sea­son. Check out what prices your com­peti­tors are offer­ing and blast a lim­it­ed-time, cheap­er solu­tion. Mon­ey talks!

In the high sea­son, focus on express­ing your supe­ri­or val­ue; low­er the empha­sis on any mon­e­tary amounts.

Reliable Referral

Don’t hes­i­tate to ask clients who have expressed sat­is­fac­tion to refer you to fur­ther, future busi­ness. With excel­lent ser­vice, any cus­tomer will be hap­py to help a bud­ding busi­ness branch out.

These gen­er­al prin­ci­pals can be applied to your strat­e­gy for over­all growth or to help pick up busi­ness dur­ing slow­er months.

It’s always a good idea to look into new tips on how to improve your busi­ness. The lead­ers only stay at the top through con­stant inno­va­tion and effort, and at EM360, we believe you can too! Con­tact our team to dis­cuss your social media busi­ness strat­e­gy and any oth­er dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing endeav­ors you wish to take.


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