So what is Kickstarter and why should you care? Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, including but most definitely not limited to films, games, music, art, design, technology, and all is brought to life through direct support from ambitious, innovative, and imaginative people, people like yourself.

How to start a Kickstarter Campaign?

The success of your Kickstarter projects purely rely on your ability to acquire donors to fund your projects. In order to get the funding, you need for your campaign you must grab the attention of your fans and subscribers who will inevitably turn into donors if done properly.

How to start a Kickstarter…?


  • Make sure your idea is solid: Your products must bring significant value to your audience, also known as “backers.” The key to the functionality of your product resides in the choice of materials you decide to use, the customizable capabilities for your backers, as well as the intelligence you incorporate into your products design.


  • Choose a product that you believe in: In order to raise money for your project, you must not only perfect the pitch, you also have to prove to your backers that your product is worth investing in and the best way to do that is by proving your motivations as an inventor to raise money while creating a personal connection with your backers individually


  • Prepare for your launch: The preparation is just as important as the presentation. The more time you spend preparing your campaign, the higher the chances of success. Make sure that your understanding of your product is solid, make sure that you are aware of the reasoning why you created your campaign the way you did along with how to plan to follow through. The last thing you want to do is lose credibility due to making promises you cannot fulfill.


  • Perfect your presentation: The voice you use to communicate with your backers should be professional, competent, and relatable. Everything that you put on your page, your video, write up, branding, and photos must portray professionalism as well as consistency. Take into account any obstacles that could possibly arise and other important information regarding your campaign, such as your manufacturing costs, supply chains, potential lead times, packaging options, or shipping rates.

Kickstarter tips

  1. Phrases that indicate backers will receive something in return for their donation have a tendency to get funded. The more you give your donors in terms of rewards, the more followers you can make aware of your campaign.
  2. Yes, Phrases- “pledged will,” “also receive two,” “mention your” are all indicators of some kind of reward and has proven rather successful in gaining backers. “Good karma,” “encouragement,” “Given the chance,” and “as people” are also successful and are better to use above any phrase that may hint at desperation.
  3. The bigger your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it, be realistic.


Creating a Kickstarter campaign could be just the thing you need to get the funding required to perfect and outsource your products.

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