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14 Jul 2016
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Follow These 3 Guidelines When Building Your Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the most impor­tant mar­ket­ing tools for small busi­ness­es. If you aren’t a teenag­er or twen­ty-some­thing that grew up with sev­en social net­works at the touch of your fin­ger, it can be over­whelm­ing at first. There are many plat­forms to choose from, and deter­min­ing which plat­forms best serve your brand and show­case your con­tent can lead to a lot of over­think­ing. That’s why we’re here!

Social media mar­ket­ing ser­vices for your small busi­ness­es are abun­dant, and we ful­ly encour­age you tak­ing advan­tage of them. With us, specif­i­cal­ly! But before we get to any out­side help com­ing in, let’s talk go over what to con­sid­er when build­ing a strat­e­gy and how to best inte­grate medi­ums into a brand strat­e­gy that will push your busi­ness for­ward.



Let’s look at three of the best guid­ing prin­ci­ples for whichev­er social strat­e­gy you build:

  1. Iden­ti­fy your audi­ence

If you don’t’ know whom exact­ly you are try­ing to reach, social media will not like­ly be effec­tive. Cer­tain audi­ences linger on cer­tain medi­ums for longer amounts of time. Some take brand mes­sag­ing more or less seri­ous­ly from plat­form to plat­form.

Once you have your con­sumer iden­ti­fied, cater your mes­sages accord­ing­ly. What point of view does your audi­ence val­ue? Make sure to speak from that POV. Which influ­encers does this group fol­low? Can they help spread the word about your brand? Is your audi­ence more like­ly to engage with pho­tos, videos or 120 char­ac­ters of sly com­men­tary? Draw these con­clu­sions before you choose which medi­ums to uti­lize.

  1. Review your inten­tions

Social media is a pow­er­ful tool, but with­out clear direc­tion, its effec­tive­ness can wear thin. Pre­med­i­tate what you want to get out of social media. Set clear, tan­gi­ble goals and ver­i­fy that your plat­form choic­es can effi­cient­ly reach your tar­get.

  1. Stake your claim

Amp up your activ­i­ty on a plat­form and be the go-to author­i­ta­tive voice on your indus­try for that plat­form. You’ll be sur­prised at how quick­ly you’ll be repost­ed, retweet­ed, tagged and men­tioned by influ­encers who help to fur­ther spread the word!

If you are seek­ing a pro­fes­sion­al social media mar­ket­ing ser­vice, get in touch with EM360. We can walk you through more of the pros and cons of social media plat­forms, align the best meth­ods to your brand strat­e­gy, and lat­er walk you through social media opti­miza­tion ser­vices.


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