Instagram is arguably the best way to engage with millennials. The platform allows brands to approach their loyalists and potential consumers like friends. Sharing photos that express the brand’s story allows Instagrammers to get to know the brand in a way they otherwise would never. The platform now allows advertising, which supports ecommerce and many users find themselves buying apparel and home goods directly from a page’s standard retail post. Whether your goal is communicating with your consumers in a fresh way or directly generating revenue, your most basic priority should always be garnering engagement through likes and comments and most importantly, getting followers. Here are 5 ways to get the most Instagram followers:

  • Post frequently and relevantly

Don’t play hard to get. Post daily, if not more than once daily. Stay top of mind. Users only see a limited feed of the day’s posts depending on when they use Instagram. You want to make sure there’s a quality, like-worthy post representing your brand whenever they log on. That said, make sure to keep the post relevant to your brand. After all, that’s what your followers requested to follow.

  • Like away

Like photos of people who fit your demo or who have used your hashtags. Search hashtags that are relevant to your brand and like the photos that dawn them. Studies show you’ll get one follow for every 25 likes you give.

  • Host a contest

Everybody loves a contest. Whether they get to win a product or have one of their own photos featured, this an excellent way to spark excitement and get your current followers to invite their friends to follow you, too!

  • Use relevant hashtags in your post

You don’t have to go overboard and post a paragraph of hashtags, but do some research and include a couple to several of the most popular hashtags relevant to your brand and post. Instagram users often search the hashtags of their liking, so it’s a great way to have your photo come into their day.

  • Be a follower

Follow users who seem like they would be into your brand. Follow those who use hashtags relevant to your brand. Another way to find people to follow who will likely follow you back is to explore the followers of those handles similar to your own.

We have countless tips on how to get more followers on Instagram and strategies to implement that’ll boost your follow count and overall engagement. Employ these five Instagram followers tips while you get in touch with our EM360 team to guide you the rest of the way across the Instagram finish line. Now get out of here and get posting!

EM360 Digital

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