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24 Mar 2016

Get a Handle on Your @Handle

Insta­gram is arguably the best way to engage with mil­len­ni­als. The plat­form allows brands to approach their loy­al­ists and poten­tial con­sumers like friends. Shar­ing pho­tos that express the brand’s sto­ry allows Insta­gram­mers to get to know the brand in a way they oth­er­wise would nev­er. The plat­form now allows adver­tis­ing, which sup­ports ecom­merce and many users find them­selves buy­ing appar­el and home goods direct­ly from a page’s stan­dard retail post. Whether your goal is com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your con­sumers in a fresh way or direct­ly gen­er­at­ing rev­enue, your most basic pri­or­i­ty should always be gar­ner­ing engage­ment through likes and com­ments and most impor­tant­ly, get­ting fol­low­ers. Here are 5 ways to get the most Insta­gram fol­low­ers:

  • Post fre­quent­ly and rel­e­vant­ly

Don’t play hard to get. Post dai­ly, if not more than once dai­ly. Stay top of mind. Users only see a lim­it­ed feed of the day’s posts depend­ing on when they use Insta­gram. You want to make sure there’s a qual­i­ty, like-wor­thy post rep­re­sent­ing your brand when­ev­er they log on. That said, make sure to keep the post rel­e­vant to your brand. After all, that’s what your fol­low­ers request­ed to fol­low.

  • Like away

Like pho­tos of peo­ple who fit your demo or who have used your hash­tags. Search hash­tags that are rel­e­vant to your brand and like the pho­tos that dawn them. Stud­ies show you’ll get one fol­low for every 25 likes you give.

  • Host a con­test

Every­body loves a con­test. Whether they get to win a prod­uct or have one of their own pho­tos fea­tured, this an excel­lent way to spark excite­ment and get your cur­rent fol­low­ers to invite their friends to fol­low you, too!

  • Use rel­e­vant hash­tags in your post

You don’t have to go over­board and post a para­graph of hash­tags, but do some research and include a cou­ple to sev­er­al of the most pop­u­lar hash­tags rel­e­vant to your brand and post. Insta­gram users often search the hash­tags of their lik­ing, so it’s a great way to have your pho­to come into their day.

  • Be a fol­low­er

Fol­low users who seem like they would be into your brand. Fol­low those who use hash­tags rel­e­vant to your brand. Anoth­er way to find peo­ple to fol­low who will like­ly fol­low you back is to explore the fol­low­ers of those han­dles sim­i­lar to your own.

We have count­less tips on how to get more fol­low­ers on Insta­gram and strate­gies to imple­ment that’ll boost your fol­low count and over­all engage­ment. Employ these five Insta­gram fol­low­ers tips while you get in touch with our EM360 team to guide you the rest of the way across the Insta­gram fin­ish line. Now get out of here and get post­ing!


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