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11 Aug 2016
Two competitors in an arm wrestling match.

Find out Your Competitors Marketing Strategies in Minutes

One air balloon rises above the restRun­ning a small busi­ness comes with immense rewards, but also great respon­si­bil­i­ties. One of those respon­si­bil­i­ties is run­ning a web­site that gar­ners con­sumer trac­tion and keeps up with com­peti­tors. In the busi­ness of run­ning a com­pa­ny, track­ing com­peti­tors can fall some­what low on the pri­or­i­ty list. Main­tain­ing your own web­site is a job, let alone look­ing after oth­ers!

How­ev­er, mon­i­tor­ing and strate­giz­ing around busi­ness com­peti­tors is incre­men­tal to the suc­cess of your own online mar­ket­ing strate­giz­ing. Here’s why:

  • Know which audi­ences your com­peti­tors are try­ing to reach. Maybe they’re not such a com­peti­tor, after all!
  • Know which key­words web surfers are using to get to com­peti­tors’ sites. Use these in your site, too!
  • What user expe­ri­ences are your com­peti­tors pro­vid­ing on their sites? Are these supe­ri­or to your own? Can you improve your own user expe­ri­ence?

 How to find competitors:

  • First things first, type in your own name into the Google search or oth­er search engine bars of choice. Notice which brands pull up ahead of your own or in near prox­im­i­ty to your place­ment. If you are not yet plac­ing on the top page, focus on top page results.
  • Now try key­words that you would use to plug in to find your prod­uct or words that you imag­ine your con­sumers use to find your prod­ucts and site. Repeat the same analy­sis of brands on the first page and those in close prox­im­i­ty to your own name.

Competitor research:

  • Get acquaint­ed with SEMrush.com. This web­site will change your online expe­ri­ence! Find out what key­words com­peti­tors are using to draw con­sumers to sites. Get an idea of who is invest­ing in key­words and how an invest­ment on your behalf might ben­e­fit you in the scope of com­pet­i­tive place­ment. It might not be ben­e­fi­cial, and that’s a valu­able take­away.
  • Check out Builtwith.com. Find out what online mar­ket­ing and web expe­ri­ence tools brands are using, and make sure you’re stay­ing up to speed with com­pet­i­tive sites.

Over­all, hav­ing an idea of how your com­peti­tors rank on search engines and with con­sumers gives you a bet­ter idea of your brand’s online posi­tion, how much work needs to be done or maybe, how remark­ably you’re lead­ing the pack!


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