EM360 is pleased and excited to announce the unveiling of our redesigned website — and we built it with your specific needs in mind.

The new EM360 Digital Detroit web design introduces improved technology with responsive design and featured case studies. These case studies allow us to share what we’ve done so well since the late 90’s. Since our start, long before smartphones and as far back as chat rooms, we’ve built a reputation for excellence in service and innovative marketing strategy. As search engines and mobile devices evolved and business websites transitioned from static displays to interactive, social channels, EM360digital.com has once again catapulted our presence to the level our customers have grown to expect. We’re proud of our earlier website as it was attractive, informative, and engaging at its inception; however, technologies change overnight and we needed to improve the visitor experience online and extend the website’s usefulness to mobile devices.

Black & White

We’ve gone back to basics and stripped down to our core values of:  innovative strategy, integrity, and building relationships based on trust and transparency.  As we revamped the EM360 website, we wanted its new look, features, and benefits to simply help you make the best possible brand strategy and lead generation choices whether you are stationary or on the run.

Solution Builder

One of our favorite new features, a marketing solution builder. This handy tool is used to determine which service or combination of services meets your needs and can be used from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The solution builder is simple to use, too. Simply select the button representing the stage of your target consumers buying cycle and learn what solution can provide the results you desire whether it be social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, ppc or social ads.

With 2016 just around the corner, our website makeover comes at the perfect time. You’re busy enough as it is, but you’ll want to plan and prepare for next year’s marketing strategy. Our new website will save you time throughout the process. From researching marketing options or requesting a proposal from EM360 Digital, you’ll experience our core values in action online, on mobile devices, and in person!

Take our new website for a test drive and receive a free, no obligation online marketing strategy audit right now.

EM360 Digital

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