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20 Sep 2016
A woman is drinking coffee and looking for employees on social media

How to Reach Potential Employees

In a time so des­per­ate­ly com­ment­ed on by the media as fran­tic for jobs, the need to mar­ket your busi­ness to find employ­ees is dif­fi­cult to grasp. But it’s true. You need the best and the bright­est on your team, and you need­ed them yes­ter­day.

When it’s time for sought-after grad­u­ates, man­agers and execs to find new posi­tions, they need a rea­son to join your team. Even tho the job mar­ket is com­pet­i­tive, so are your appli­cants. They’re not just look­ing at salary. They’re look­ing at what kind of com­pa­ny you are, where you plan to grow, what ben­e­fits you offer and how you’re help­ing change the work-life bal­ance epi­dem­ic.

When you enter the inter­view process, you can explain all of your answers to these curiosi­ties to your appli­cant. A bet­ter idea? Mar­ket your­self as the solu­tion now, and let employ­ees come to you. Sounds easy enough, right?

Sure, now where to find employ­ees that are dream­ing of ide­al­is­tic work set­tings? Ah, your favorite place – social media! Social media is one of the most active plat­forms for cur­rent and prospec­tive employ­ees. Here are they favorite places to spend time and tips on how to reach them:

  • Face­book – Set­ting up a sep­a­rate “Com­pa­ny X Jobs” page is one of the best ways to find employ­ees. Post reg­u­lar­ly about new jobs, tips for work-life in gen­er­al, and any com­pa­ny gath­er­ings or events.
  • Twit­ter – Tweet reg­u­lar­ly and often. Tweet­ers only scroll so far down,  so make sure to post some­thing fre­quent­ly enough to make it into feeds. Set up a sec­ond job account for Twit­ter, too. Post less fre­quent­ly here and always about jobs or job advice.
  • LinkedIn – The best place to find employ­ees. Make sure to post reg­u­lar­ly. Bet­ter yet, be the first to post rel­e­vant news that oth­ers will re-post and hope­ful­ly lead to new con­nec­tions.
  • Google+ – Many pos­si­ble employ­ees are look­ing for jobs via the Google search engine, so com­ple­ment your rank­ing activ­i­ty with this valu­able tool.
  • Insta­gram – Here’s where you can post all things on-brand. Impor­tant quotes, aes­thet­ic schemes, employ­ee out­ings, etc. All things sig­na­ture to your brand image go here.
  • Pin­ter­est – Here’s a third plat­form to keep a sec­ond jobs pro­file. Keep one board with all things com­pa­ny-based and a sec­ond for all things job based- this includes advice,  humor, any­thing that an employ­ee of any indus­try can relate to. This type of board broad­ens your poten­tial audi­ence!

To enhance the suc­cess of any these out­reach avenues, uti­lize all plat­forms, encour­age your cur­rent employ­ees to be active in the spaces, and keep com­pa­ny activ­i­ty cur­rent. When a future employ­ee stum­bles or strate­gi­cal­ly scans your pages, they get an awe­some first impres­sion of you, right away.

For more tips and pro­fes­sion­al help on reach­ing poten­tial employ­ees, con­tact the EM360 team!


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