In a time so desperately commented on by the media as frantic for jobs, the need to market your business to find employees is difficult to grasp. But it’s true. You need the best and the brightest on your team, and you needed them yesterday.

When it’s time for sought-after graduates, managers and execs to find new positions, they need a reason to join your team. Even tho the job market is competitive, so are your applicants. They’re not just looking at salary. They’re looking at what kind of company you are, where you plan to grow, what benefits you offer and how you’re helping change the work-life balance epidemic.

When you enter the interview process, you can explain all of your answers to these curiosities to your applicant. A better idea? Market yourself as the solution now, and let employees come to you. Sounds easy enough, right?

Sure, now where to find employees that are dreaming of idealistic work settings? Ah, your favorite place – social media! Social media is one of the most active platforms for current and prospective employees. Here are they favorite places to spend time and tips on how to reach them:

  • Facebook – Setting up a separate “Company X Jobs” page is one of the best ways to find employees. Post regularly about new jobs, tips for work-life in general, and any company gatherings or events.
  • Twitter – Tweet regularly and often. Tweeters only scroll so far down,  so make sure to post something frequently enough to make it into feeds. Set up a second job account for Twitter, too. Post less frequently here and always about jobs or job advice.
  • LinkedIn – The best place to find employees. Make sure to post regularly. Better yet, be the first to post relevant news that others will re-post and hopefully lead to new connections.
  • Google+ – Many possible employees are looking for jobs via the Google search engine, so complement your ranking activity with this valuable tool.
  • Instagram – Here’s where you can post all things on-brand. Important quotes, aesthetic schemes, employee outings, etc. All things signature to your brand image go here.
  • Pinterest – Here’s a third platform to keep a second jobs profile. Keep one board with all things company-based and a second for all things job based- this includes advice,  humor, anything that an employee of any industry can relate to. This type of board broadens your potential audience!

To enhance the success of any these outreach avenues, utilize all platforms, encourage your current employees to be active in the spaces, and keep company activity current. When a future employee stumbles or strategically scans your pages, they get an awesome first impression of you, right away.

For more tips and professional help on reaching potential employees, contact the EM360 team!

EM360 Digital

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