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01 Aug 2016
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Avoid These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Social media, will it ever be an easy sphere to nav­i­gate? Of course! In fact, it real­ly already is. There is so much to con­sid­er when mar­ket­ing your brand through social media that some­times, it’s eas­i­er to remem­ber what not to do than what to do.

Every brand will inher­ent­ly pos­sess a dif­fer­ent approach to social media. Plat­forms vary con­tin­gent on indus­try and posts hinge on con­sumer mar­ket inter­ests. With­out being aware of what social media mis­takes you could be mak­ing, it can be hard to under­stand why some areas of your cam­paign are not unrolling as smooth­ly as antic­i­pat­ed.


Here are the top mar­ket­ing mis­takes to avoid on social media:

  • Just doing it. Do not just do it. Go at your social media with a plan of attack. Under­stand who you are try­ing to reach and why. Make sure you know how to best reach these con­sumers- plat­forms, times, mes­sag­ing, etc.
  • Spam­ming. Yes, there is some ben­e­fit to brand name recog­ni­tion, but it is detri­men­tal if it only reach­es the con­sumer at inop­por­tune times and becomes a neg­a­tive part of their day.
  • Thread­ing pro­files. Mean­ing, you have one pro­file that blasts the same mes­sages on all plat­forms. Giant no! Every plat­form comes with a dif­fer­ent audi­ence and each of those audi­ences holds dif­fer­ent pref­er­ences. Cater to them.
  • Fake fol­low­ers. Today’s Insta­gram­mers have prob­a­bly been Insta­gram­ming much longer than you’ve had an account. They see right through fake fol­low­ers and can spot pro­files that have less than a ten per­cent like ratio. Be authen­tic, even if you’re small.
  • Tar­get­ing every­one. No, no, no! Just because social media presents an oppor­tu­ni­ty to reach an incred­i­bly large audi­ence does not mean you want to reach them all. Con­tin­ue to tar­get exact­ly who you want to buy and like your brand. If you col­lect oth­ers along the way, great. But remem­ber, the ulti­mate goal of any mar­ket­ing is still to increase your sales!

When you are ready to com­mit to mak­ing a sound social media strat­e­gy and are in the mar­ket for a solu­tion builder, get in touch with the EM360 team! We’ll make sure we’re all on the same page of what your brand rep­re­sents, who it caters to and how to take it to the top. We look for­ward to work­ing with you!


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