Wedding photography marketing is not just essential to your business, it is a fun way to constantly introduce your brand to more people! Sometimes marketing a service with performance-based results can be tricky. Consumers want to know what exactly they’re buying, but when they haven’t yet tied the knot, you can’t exactly show them. That isn’t a reason to lose hope in marketing! Whether in peak or off season, marketing offers your wedding photography business the chance to show your brand aesthetic, commitment to clients, immersion in the industry and additional touch points for reaching current and future clients.

Here are 8 Ways to Market Your Wedding Photography Business:

Create a Project

Show off your credibility in the industry. Create your own hashtag or national movement to connect brides, grooms and those to-be all over the world. Your project will link back to you, the inspiring wedding aficionado.

Blog Your Shoots

Let future clients into the world of the shoot. Show them the fun you have, your impeccable eye and how personal and diverse your shoots can be.

Treat Your Clients

Don’t limit the photography experience to the wedding day. Use the lead-time to your advantage. Be a part of your clients’ wedding preparation by checking in, sending inspo and mailing sweet treats!


Use the platform to display your photography aesthetic. Make sure your photo roll is entirely reflective of your brand and work. Focus on quality first. You’ll work up to quantity as you get more bookings. Tip: It’s okay to post photos of weddings passed.


Work your way into partnerships with venues, wedding planners or make-up artists. Where there’s a coveted professional, there’s an unwavering trust in said professional’s sidekicks and referrals.

Fill All Your Weekends

Not shooting every weekend? Reach out to esteemed photographers and see if you can help on their wedding shoot. Volunteer at a local wedding or event to get your name out in the area. Post your availability online and generate referrals from friends.

Pinterest Board

Become an authoritative voice on weddings. Don’t limit your expertise to photography. You are around weddings more than any of your clients or future clients. Build your aesthetic and show your experience through a carefully curated Pinterest board.

‘Tis Always the Season

Take advantage of the season. Use this time to blog, boost social media, generate excitement or longing for wedding season, and to connect with clients. Stay top of mind year round.

These are just eight of the most effective ways to reach more wedding photography clients. For further instruction on how to implement these strategies or for more insight, contact the EM360 team! You will be living amidst wedding bells in no time.


EM360 Digital

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