In this day and age, if you’re part of a digital marketing agency, you’ve probably come across Detroit business owners that might not realize the necessity for companies such as Google. Sure, they may be familiar with it as Google came into the public eye as “the search engine to kill all other search engines”, but now they’re so much more. The following is a few reasons why Google is a necessity for the Detroit digital market, as well as any other Detroit business owners out there with physical brick and mortars.

The simple thing for you all to keep in mind is Google My Business ( This has revolutionized the world of business in ways that people have never thought before. The first reason comes in the form of Google Analytics. Any digital market company, in Detroit or any other city, can keep track of the traffic hitting your business website, as well as any other presence you may have on social media platforms. This is a key factor in being able to see how your company’s marketing is reaching consumers. With a single glance at the analytic results, you’ll be able to pin-point the areas that are working perfectly, as well as isolate the areas needing a little more work.

When is comes to digital marketing, Detroit business owners and all business owners for that matter; should always keep in close contact with clients, employees, and even stock holders. The use of Google Hangouts will make this easier than it has ever been before. Don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t a spot that teenagers hangout with their friends, or anything like that necessarily. They used the name for it so stick in the mind of the user. This is a great application to hold all your conference calls and meetings. With the use of this application, you have access to video chats, text chats, and you’ll be able to bring in any digital file supported by the application to share with all the others on the call. So if you have a presentation that needs to be shown, but you can’t find a way to get to the office because you’re simply out of town; you can still give the presentation from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Maybe one of the biggest advantages to Google My Business is that it connects to your social Google+ page and has access to “free” focus groups to get customer feedback and input. We all love to hear the word free and with your Google+ page, your business can hold live question and answer sessions with your consumers. This affords you the ability to go right to the source and get all the necessary information your company has been looking for since the day you first opened your doors.

Take advantage of all the tools available to use at your disposal with Google. Everything is right there, in one spot for easy access, at the convenience of you, the user. I hope this has opened your eyes to the possibilities out there for you. I also hope your business can take itself to the next level using technology specifically designed to do just that.

EM360 Digital

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