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20 Apr 2016

12 Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Tips

When you’re ready to mar­ket your cos­met­ic surgery com­pa­ny, decid­ing on one strat­e­gy can be dif­fi­cult!

It’s impor­tant to find a way to present your dif­fer­ent ser­vices in a man­ner that allows a pletho­ra of clients to find your com­pa­ny the most appeal­ing, and then hone in on the ones that com­mit to your ser­vices.

Let’s look at EM360’s 12 Cos­met­ic Surgery Mar­ket­ing Tips to get your com­pa­ny off the ground and run­ning:

1. Take advan­tage of social media such as Insta­gram and cre­ate a lifestyle page for your brand. Include result images with per­mis­sion, but weave in lifestyle through nature pho­tos and inspi­ra­tional quotes. What­ev­er your brand’s mis­sion is can be com­mu­ni­cat­ed here through images.


2. Pro­vide tes­ti­mo­ni­als
Assur­ance in the result of a cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure pro­duces the most doubt in a poten­tial client. Pro­vide infor­ma­tion, answers, trans­for­ma­tion images and when­ev­er pos­si­ble, client tes­ti­mo­ni­als. Put your clients at ease!

3. Set your bar high
Don’t just present your­self as a ser­vicer of high cal­iber; go after a high-bar clien­tele too! Iden­ti­fy who will be your repeat and high-end cus­tomers and make sure to focus a bulk of your efforts on this group.

4. Tar­get your mar­ket­ing
Once you’ve iden­ti­fied your tar­get con­sumers, find out where they shop and browse, and tar­get them there. Don’t spend on media that your ide­al con­sumer will nev­er see.

Once you attract the atten­tion of con­sumers, your most offen­sive mar­ket­ing hap­pens inter­nal­ly.

5. Be respon­sive
No mat­ter which group of clien­tele a poten­tial patient falls under, be respon­sive. From the minute they fill out a con­tact form to their first con­sul­ta­tion, be atten­tive and show them that you’ll be hold­ing their hand every step of the way.

6. Uti­lize office space
Assum­ing you already offer incred­i­ble work, make your space an expe­ri­ence instead of just a wait­ing room. Make it clean and bright – whichev­er aes­thet­ic is on brand for your com­pa­ny.

7. Pro­vide a supe­ri­or in-office expe­ri­ence
Your next best weapon is your staff. Are they friend­ly? Accom­mo­dat­ing? Do they know patients by name and offer them bev­er­ages or oth­er make them more com­fort­able? What can you do to make the expe­ri­ence eas­i­er and more enjoy­able?

8. Present rel­e­vant, addi­tion­al pro­ce­dures
Your clients trust you and your best next busi­ness is theirs. What addi­tion­al, life-enhanc­ing pro­ce­dures do you have to offer? Nev­er push one on a client, but let them know what’s avail­able and how it is rel­e­vant, specif­i­cal­ly, to them.

9. Reward return­ing clients
This is easy! Offer a dis­count.

10. Encour­age refer­rals
Don’t be shy in ask­ing your clients to refer to their friends and fam­i­ly. If need­ed, offer a small incen­tive, like a free prod­uct or cred­it toward a future pro­ce­dure.

11. Check in with past patients
Don’t let them get away! Finan­cial sit­u­a­tion and fear are most com­mon­ly the rea­sons clients decline ser­vices. Stay in touch with those who nev­er com­mit­ted to change. Find out what’s new in their sit­u­a­tion and if rel­e­vant, send news arti­cles or recent infor­ma­tion on their pro­ce­dure of inter­est.

12. Part­ner and con­nect
Get active with your com­mu­ni­ty. Part­ner with healthy lifestyle brands in the area and find ways to co-mar­ket your ser­vices to your shared con­sumer. Be the trust­ed cos­met­ic sur­geon in your city.

Sim­ple enough? You bet. You’re already a pro at mak­ing tweaks to mas­ter per­fec­tion and func­tion­al­i­ty. Let’s do the same for your brand!


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