When you’re ready to market your cosmetic surgery company, deciding on one strategy can be difficult!

It’s important to find a way to present your different services in a manner that allows a plethora of clients to find your company the most appealing, and then hone in on the ones that commit to your services.

Let’s look at EM360’s 12 Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Tips to get your company off the ground and running:

1. Take advantage of social media such as Instagram and create a lifestyle page for your brand. Include result images with permission, but weave in lifestyle through nature photos and inspirational quotes. Whatever your brand’s mission is can be communicated here through images.


2. Provide testimonials
Assurance in the result of a cosmetic procedure produces the most doubt in a potential client. Provide information, answers, transformation images and whenever possible, client testimonials. Put your clients at ease!

3. Set your bar high
Don’t just present yourself as a servicer of high caliber; go after a high-bar clientele too! Identify who will be your repeat and high-end customers and make sure to focus a bulk of your efforts on this group.

4. Target your marketing
Once you’ve identified your target consumers, find out where they shop and browse, and target them there. Don’t spend on media that your ideal consumer will never see.

Once you attract the attention of consumers, your most offensive marketing happens internally.

5. Be responsive
No matter which group of clientele a potential patient falls under, be responsive. From the minute they fill out a contact form to their first consultation, be attentive and show them that you’ll be holding their hand every step of the way.

6. Utilize office space
Assuming you already offer incredible work, make your space an experience instead of just a waiting room. Make it clean and bright – whichever aesthetic is on brand for your company.

7. Provide a superior in-office experience
Your next best weapon is your staff. Are they friendly? Accommodating? Do they know patients by name and offer them beverages or other make them more comfortable? What can you do to make the experience easier and more enjoyable?

8. Present relevant, additional procedures
Your clients trust you and your best next business is theirs. What additional, life-enhancing procedures do you have to offer? Never push one on a client, but let them know what’s available and how it is relevant, specifically, to them.

9. Reward returning clients
This is easy! Offer a discount.

10. Encourage referrals
Don’t be shy in asking your clients to refer to their friends and family. If needed, offer a small incentive, like a free product or credit toward a future procedure.

11. Check in with past patients
Don’t let them get away! Financial situation and fear are most commonly the reasons clients decline services. Stay in touch with those who never committed to change. Find out what’s new in their situation and if relevant, send news articles or recent information on their procedure of interest.

12. Partner and connect
Get active with your community. Partner with healthy lifestyle brands in the area and find ways to co-market your services to your shared consumer. Be the trusted cosmetic surgeon in your city.

Simple enough? You bet. You’re already a pro at making tweaks to master perfection and functionality. Let’s do the same for your brand!

EM360 Digital

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